SEPTEMBER: Energy Forecast


by Rebecca Conran CHHC

Welcome to September! One of the highlights of August was when Saturn (representing our work/maturity/restriction) finally turned direct after being retrograde since April in Sagittarius. By focusing  in-ward during the retrograde, we were given the opportunity to discover what is truly inauthentic to our spiritual philosophy by examining out conditioned belief systems. Finally we now have some forward momentum after a very intense summer. 

We are currently immersing in the themes of beautiful Virgo – detail oriented, methodical, reliable and earthy. It’s a grounding influence after the fires of the past few months. Virgo uses a practical analytical mind to get to the bottom of our experience, to set priorities, to get organized. Virgo is known for handling the details of life with finesse and with clear communication. Virgo rules our health, hygiene and diet and is also the sign of healing and of healers, of our work environment and co-workers, routines and habits, writing and accounting. The shadow side to Virgo is that it can be contrary, apprehensive, perfectionist and critical – especially towards the self it feels like it is somehow ‘missing the mark’.  It will be important this month to release any dogmatic thinking. Although we all seek to be understood, it will pay off this month to seek to understand what is going on around us with a compassionate view. Life is messy, the human experience is messy, all people are suffering to some degree and we must remember that there is no such thing as ‘perfection’. 

This month we may be feeling a lot more determined to move forward actively with what feels right for us and for the collective consciousness, and follow our feelings we must! Keep your eyes on your self care practice like food, fitness and rest. Make baby steps towards your bigger goals by getting organized. That might mean making some lists, sending out some emails or doing some visualizations. There is the momentum this month to get organized, especially organizing our lives around self care and self worth. 

Here are the energetic points to remember: 
9/2 – MARS touches on the solar eclipse 
Mars, the planet of action and aggression is in the last degrees of Leo (pride, creativity, passion, putting ourselves ‘out there’) and will touch our astrological solar eclipse point again so we will be reviewing some of that eclipse energy and possibly making some forward movement towards what we got clear on over the past month. Be open to receive the information that might be trying to make its way to you intuitively by taking the time to meditate and be still. The moon will be going into Aquarius on this day so checking in with the collective here in America as to where humanitarianism can continue to shine. It’s possible that we may see some rebellion showing up, and stubbornness and aggression may be prevalent. Make sure you get grounded. 

As planets station (from retrograde to direct) we feel their energies more intensely. Take your time, slow down and make sure to check your emails, texts or contracts twice before sending them out.  With Mercury (our communication and technology) in Leo still, we again need to watch for pushy and aggressive ways of speaking to others or ourselves, and with Mars shifting into critical and sometimes judgmental Virgo, it’s possible that we may feel some restlessness, scattered or nervous energy on this day. Purge this energy by making sure to get ample down time, and if you feel tempers rising or yourself being reactionary, it’s time to take a break from what your doing. 

This full moon will Square Saturn – the last time we were at this degree point of Saturn was January first so what has come full circle in the past 9 months? The time it takes to incubate a baby! what have you given birth to?  Honor what you are called to release from emotional stories that are now complete. Pisces is great for dreaming and creativity, but can also manifest as addictive behavior. Skip the alcohol or destructive activities on this day for a personal healing day instead. 

9/18 VENUS In LEO touches on the solar eclipse.
Here the energy of the solar eclipse will be popping up again, connecting us with what we value, how we love, and our money matters. Again, we can revisit our Eclipse intentions in a positive way by surrendering to our highest and best ideals and making sure that all of our experiences support a high sense of self value. 

After her stint in sexy, playful, romantic Leo, Venus will focus on the practical side of love. Venus in Virgo shows you her love by taking care of your practical needs that sometimes get overlooked by the more showy passionate love. With a New Moon in Virgo on the same day our intentions may be about how to really be own our inner healer, making the commitment to BE the change we want to see in our lives. We also may see in the days leading up to it where we are not standing in our worth and value. It’s not a failure to need to make adjustments sometimes, it’s part of the work we are here to do. 

Libra helps us to achieve balance, harmony and to focus on partnerships. This will be a great time to solidify old relationships and bring in new fulfilling ones based on a new paradigm of being in the world after the emotional cleansing we have been going through this year. More on Libra to come! 

9/28 PLUTO DIRECT in capricorn 
Pluto is the detective and is determined to find the real story, it reveals hidden truths that are paramount to us living authentic lives. During this retrograde the powers of regeneration have been far greater, we have been eliminating the old, outworn and outdated. As we round out this retrograde this month, the focus is on letting go of attitudes, communication patterns, false security drives and rigid emotions. You are a pro at this by now, keep going.

Use this months momentum to commit to your health and wellness routines. Get into nature, cook clean organic meals,  have a good sort out at home and get rid of whatever doesn’t feel good to you, stretch and exercise your body and drink plenty of pure water.  Practice kindness towards yourself, you’ve been through SO MUCH the past few years! Be gentle in your thoughts and words, you have done the best you can, and while we are always moving towards our highest and best, it is important to have compassion for our own suffering and struggles. All is well! 

IMG_1020BIO: Rebecca Conran is a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and a certified Reiki energy healer located in New York City. She is both a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient, meaning she has the ability to experience and feel another persons past, present or future emotional states and can clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit. With her knowledge of wellness and nutriton as well as energy, she brings her clients back into balance holistically. More info here:

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