By Rebecca Conran CHHC

The moon will be full in Pisces here in the northern hemisphere on Wednesday 9/6 (3:03am Eastern) and it will will Square Saturn (maturity, work, restriction) early in the afternoon – the last time we were at this degree point of Saturn was January 1st so this full moon brings an emotional story 9 months in the making to the forefront. What has come full circle for you? What have you or are you now ready to give birth to? This Full Moon also comes hot on the heels of Mercurys station direct (Tuesday 9/5).  With Mercury (our communication and technology) in Leo still, we will need to watch for pushy and aggressive ways of speaking to others or ourselves during this shift, and with Mars also shifting into critical and sometimes judgmental Virgo on the same day, it’s possible that we may feel some restlessness, scattered or nervous energy on this day. If at all possible, these two days will be the perfect time for a self care or mental health day. 

Pisces shares an active love. It seeks to heal and pave the way to truth through love.  It is a love that wants to heal our deepest hurts as a collective. This watery Moon says, we have to go with the flow, surrender, to accept that healing is continually needed and necessary, and to put trust in the universe, that what comes at this time is for our benefit. We have to heal the hurt. Through our daily self love we heal our hurt. In every loving action we say I love myself, I’m worthy, I’m needed. It may be hard to see the benefits right now of healing the hurt as it is painful to do so, but as someone who has undergone spiritual death and rebirth many times already in this lifetime, I’ll tell you to let go of trying to find an explanation or blame for it right now. Accept what is. Have faith that you are flowing in the right direction, because you are. 

If your feeling passion or anger, excitement or frustration, desire or intensity, you are in alignment with the current energies and they are shifting you forward. How do  you support yourself through those shifts? That is a place you can bring a sense of control as you commit to practices that show your innate worth. 

The highest forms of Piscean energy are compassion, creativity, altruistic love, romance, social freedom, adaptability and imagination. The shadow energies are addiction, escapism, pessimism, doom and gloom mentality, self pity, indecisiveness and obsession. We combat the shadow by committing to more of the light. 

— Intentions you can set at this time might be —

How can I love more freely and openly, even those that I don’t understand or like?
Which substances, distractions and escapisms do I need to look at more 
How can I facilitate bringing more creativity and imagination into my life?
Am I being truthful about what is really “going on” or how I’m really feeling?
Where can I ask for help or support in being accountable to my self love?

Which doors are closing and why is this a BENEFIT to me? 
Which doors are opening and how can I trust more that even if it’s scary to move forward, that I deserve all that I desire and dream?
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This year is a major turning point for us in how we find set intention and find balance in the world. We are working to embody the saying “be in the world, but not of it, and wear it only as a loose cloak about your shoulders”. Even though our bodies go through intense struggle and suffering to align with our consciousness, there is nothing that can take away the integrity of your soul – it is intrinsic to your being. All is well – always.

IMG_1020BIO: Rebecca Conran is a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and a certified Reiki energy healer located in New York City. She is both a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient, meaning she has the ability to experience and feel another persons past, present or future emotional states and can clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit. With her knowledge of wellness and nutriton as well as energy, she brings her clients back into balance holistically. More info here: www.RebeccaConran.com

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