Lyz Olko “I Am Fire” on Tara Devon Gallagher

Downtown darling Tara Devon Gallagher wears Lyz Olko’s “I Am Fire” Autumn/Winter 17 collection featuring trademark elevated streetwear hoodies, bomber jackets and denim combined with delicate chiffon and elegant metallic dresses. In “I Am Fire”, Olko “summons the ghost of Joan of Arc. A rebel soldier and (literal) visionary, she saved her nation against all odds, in spite of those who called her just a girl.”


Tie dye cotton hoodie sweatshirt and black skirt, Lyz Olko. Lightly darkened brass Guardian ring, Plutonia Blue.

Name : Lyz Olko

Birthplace : Rockaway, NJ

Sources of inspiration : movies movies movies movies movies dreams and my archive of magazines random tears and books.

Favorite Reads : Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis, Another Country by James Baldwin, Reality Hunger by David Shields, Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky, Lucky by Alice Sebold, Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and short life of Darby Crash and The Germs: Adam Parfrey, Don Bolles, Brendan Mullen

Favorite Tunes : it changes every day. mostly Lil Wayne

Favorite Foods : carrots and salsa and Gomasio


Vintage cotton denim jacket with hand-painted American Flag and red skirt, Lyz Olko. High polished brass serpent Animus ring with pavè garnet eyes, Plutonia Blue.

Beauty Tips : don’t smoke , eat healthy, drink alcohol conservatively, I get facials every month or 2. use Ling skincare products, take all my vitamins. I think eating vegan and foods as they are in their natural state helps a lot.

Favorite ways to unwind : uh what’s that.

What gets you in a working flow : a new idea or putting on The Godfather while in my studio and getting into the groove.

What are you working on now : my new collection for SS18

Favorite motto / quote : “This is the Carter.”


Layered red off the shoulder top and denim skirt, Lyz Olko.

Name : Tara Devon Gallagher

Birthplace : NYC

Métier : artist/stylist/designer

Sources of inspiration : content junkie, love finding imagery on the web.

Sources of motivation : going to museums, seeing work in the physical space takes me from inspired to motivated.


White destroyed cotton t-shirt, tie dye destroyed denim jacket and gold leather skirt, Lyz Olko. High polished brass Roma rings with pearl drop on a vintage headpin, Plutonia Blue.

What makes you happy : my dogs and a good sunset.

Favorite Reads : currently reading short biographies about badass women from Ireland, picked up the book when I was out there recently.

Favorite Tunes : love old music in languages I don’t speak

Favorite Foods : I’m a snackaholic so the more little meals I get the merrier

Beauty Tips : don’t wash your hair too much, dry shampoo is my savior

Favorite ways to unwind : I have a guilty pleasure for reality-competition shows like “Cutthroat Kitchen” or “Naked and Afraid.”


Tie dye sweatshirt and black skirt, Liz Olko. Lightly hammered brass Reina Earrings, Plutonia Blue.

What gets you in a working flow : getting my space well-organized and doing some quick exercises to get the blood flowing to my brain, makes me feel like I am peak-human-ing

What are you working on now : currently taking a sewing course to learn how to make my own clothes and finally get around to that daunting “bag of stuff to be fixed” that I hope we all have in common.

Favorite Motto / quote : “Everything is art, everything is politics.” – Ai Wei Wei

Last words about the shoot for The Know : the feeling you get from being involved in a world that you admire is really incredible. Surrounded by women who are cool and smart and creative makes me feel like I am exactly where I need to be, whenever I have doubts about what I’m doing I just think about times like that and I know that if I stay focused and consistent I’ll have a future worth looking forward to.


Tie dye ripped cotton t-shirt and pink skirt, Lyz Olko. Tabi booties worn throughout, Maison Margiela.


Photography: Viki Forshee @ Utopia

Style: Masha Orlov

Makeup: Rebecca Alexander @ See Management