NEW MOON VIRGO: Reclaim & Purify

The Virgo New Moon will be direct on Wednesday 9/20 at 1:30am Eastern. It comes just a few hours after Venus has entered Virgo bringing attention to healing our self worth, value and money matters. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus ALL in Virgo during this new moon – the virgoan energy is  having a MAJOR moment. 

Virgo can help us to be discriminating, helpful, analytical, practical, communicative, loyal, realistic, self-disciplined, flexible and curious. The downside is that it can also bring out the shadow side of these qualities, like rigidity, being overly critical, stubborn, pessimistic and self-indulging. These lesser desired traits offer us information, through observing them we know where we need to bring attention in our lives. All that is needed to benefit “negative traits” is that we focus on amplifying the more helpful traits instead. This new moon is really highlighting how we go through our lives being helpful and healing to ourselves and to the world around us. This new moon is about purification, of our body, mind and spirit. 

New Moons are about re-birth. This is an opportunity to set our intentions around restoring, rejuvenating, refocusing, recovering, receiving, reconciling,  reinvigorating, relaxing… Which of those do you need most right now? Virgo helps us to make lists and get organized in a practical grounded way. It helps us to sort through the clutter of our minds and be discerning. It brings order to chaos. It brings stability, security and healthy routines. This new moon is actually rounding out Virgo season by getting us to truly commit to those healing qualities as we move forward.

Self Care rituals are paramount to our self worth. We have to ground our souls into our meat suit or we feel overwhelmed, lonely, afraid. There are any number of ways to facilitate self care, but it is probably a daily combination of:
Meditation – Healthy food – Mindful fitness – Journaling  – Creativity –  Adequate sleep Letting go of distractions – Support from others – Salt Baths – Time in Nature 
In my experience self care rituals are the most important, simple, yet difficult to execute, way that we build self worth and self love. If you want to know if you truly practice self love, look at your daily practices, are they self sabotaging or abusive or do they highlight how amazing and what a gift you are? (side note: you are amazing and a huge gift to us all!). Self love is in the behaviors.
We don’t get what we want. We get what we believe. If I want love in my life, it’s not enough to want it, I need to believe that I deserve it. Want abundance and success? Notice how you are already abundant and successful. Need money? What avenues are you already rich in? Focusing on being thankful for what we have helps us get into the energetic vibration of what we want. When we see that we are already receiving gifts daily from the universe then we can get out of the scarcity mindset and actually get to manifesting! You are a perfect co-creator. You create through your thoughts and emotions, what are your thoughts primarily comprised of? You have to be love to attract love and so on… Keep a gratitude journal and start today with 3 things that are a blessing and benefit in your life. Do your behaviors match your beliefs and wants? Now is a time to take inventory on where this doesn’t line up.

In my experience with depression, panic and anxiety as well as assisting in healing hundreds of other people, depression and anxiety manifest due to repressed emotions. That is, emotions that haven’t been able to be released properly. It may even be emotions that you aren’t even aware of of having. The emotions that most commonly cause both depression and anxiety are anger and grief. Anger is one of those sneaky emotions because you are probably not an angry person if anger is affecting you negatively. Grief also is most commonly associated with losing someone to death, but grief in the body can be formed from any loss, disappointment or unmet expectation. What is underlying in your emotional body? We have to look at some ugly and uncomfortable places right now by feeling our way through. You won’t think your way through your healing. This time is calling for us to allow the tears to fall, punch a pillow, take a boxing class, write a letter and burn it, let your emotions up and out in conscious ways. Since our intuition comes through the mode of sensory feeling, we must clear the emotions to pave the way for the intuition. If you have difficulty figuring out what the underlying blocked emotions are,  work with a trusted mentor or teacher – we all need support. 

This week is amped up but it’s an amazing time to review what works, what doesn’t work and to get to work. Slow down people. Sit and smell the roses. Stop distracting yourself through sex, alcohol, attention, approval, work, food, social media, TV. Enjoy stillness. Sit in the park and take in the present moment. Give yourself more time to get places. Be patient. Sleep more. Do nothing sometimes. Create for no reason at all, write a song, draw a picture.

All you and I have is this present moment, make it count. 
With Love, Rebecca

IMG_1020BIO: Rebecca Conran is a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and a certified Reiki energy healer located in New York City. She is both a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient, meaning she has the ability to experience and feel another persons past, present or future emotional states and can clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit. With her knowledge of wellness and nutriton as well as energy, she brings her clients back into balance holistically. More info here:

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(Virgo painting by Anelia Pavlova)