ANTIGLOT by Brad Walsh out now !

Singer/songwriter and visual artist Brad Walsh made a name for himself doing label remixes that charted in the early aughts and then started writing, recording and producing his own work. This is his sixth full length album of original material.

His new record is composed entirely of vocal layers and body sounds. No instruments, no lyrics. All songs written, composed, produced, recorded and mixed by Brad Walsh except “Boadicea” which is written & composed by Enya and “Cellophane” which is written & composed by Sia Furler.


Check out the video for “Boadicea”:

And 3 track selection from ANTIGLOT:


Get to know this genius :

Name: Brad Walsh

Birthplace: Outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Métier: Musician

Sources of inspiration: Nature, love, mood swings, anger, internet videos, Anna Hafner.

Sources of motivation: The will to be better, the desire to live a fantastic life.

What makes you happy?: My husband, dogs, food, being productive.

Favorite reads: Hannah Tinti, Eudora Welty, Russell Edson, Sam Lansky, Stephen Hawking, Twitter.

Favorite tunes: Tori Amos, Agnes Obel, PJ Harvey, Chaka Khan, The B-52’s, The Presets, Poe, Roisin Murphy

Favorite foods: Sugar, salt, fat, butter.

Beauty tips: You are beautiful, but that’s just the tip.

Favorite ways to unwind: Golden Girls, Roseanne, Bob’s Burgers, whiskey.

What gets you in a working flow?: Caffeine

What are you working on now?: New music already. It’s going slowly, though. A couple of books as well.

Favorite motto / quote: “Singing does not put food on the table. Singing does not pay the bills. Singing is no guarantee to a future, even if you have got talent!”

Last words for The Know Culture: Impeach Trump

Photos of Brad Walsh by Tayler Smith

Intro by Polis Groutas