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Notice how even the mighty lion cowers at the lioness telling him off? Like this picture our masculine and feminine energies are learning a new balance, a new dance of authority. The masculine is learning to be of service to the creative, nurturing, feeling feminine energy, not only in our personal energy but in the collective societal conditioning that has existed for aeons.  We are learning to assert our needs, boundaries and desires, we are learning to command our destinies from a sense of divine worth.

The shift to the sun (self)  in Aquarius has been  giving us the ability to create new possibilities around our personal and collective freedom. The energy of Aquarius rattles our cages to make us aware of where we have trapped ourselves, disempowered ourselves or are not in our choice. It gives us the motivation to choose again, to choose freely, and to choose based on our own creative genius. What exactly does this mean? It means you choose the life you want in each moment, and sometimes where you don’t choose the silent choice is made for you. This moment is about knowing that you have the authority to choose everything related to you in this life. If that idea feels too far away-  that you get to choose your life- you can work on choosing your perspective, or the way you feel about the current experiences you are having. Knowing you have a choice – especially when it comes to thoughts and emotions – is half the battle. So we are learning about what we are choosing, in our subtle unconscious selves, and that is a slow process of uncovering, Aquarius the rebel, pushes us to keep discovering…

Now, In comes a big fiery Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo to clear out all the emotional residue of what isn’t working. Full moons complete an emotional cycle, this one being the story of our connection to our Aquarius energy, or our need to rebel from things that don’t feel aligned with our authentic selves, and to participate in bringing the group together in a humanitarian way. Eclipse energy is unpredictable, chaotic and often life-changing. With Lunar Eclipse energy there is a big emotional push for you to break out of any confinement you are in, to break out of your shell.

Leo wants to love, play and be seen. These are intrinsic qualities to human beings. Leo is persistently optimistic, generous, ambitious, loyal. It’s the ruler, the leader AND the showman. Leo wants to be creative, emotional and courageous. Leo helps to connect us to our “Here I am, hear me roar” vibration as we showcase our talents in whatever “arts” they may belong to. Leo is not afraid to take risks, and expresses the hearts desires easily, including a big fiery conversation where needed. Where can you utilize this energy in your life? Eclipses help to give us the kick in the rear that we need when we are confining ourselves to boxes that are too small for us to continue in. Old stories, sometimes that we have been carrying for lifetimes that are limiting our authenticity, are on a course to be removed from our lives. They will go, kicking and screaming if need be. Now is the time to connect into what you truly love to do, what makes your heart sing, and allow yourself to follow the path of your desires no matter how wacky it seems to the outside world. 

This energy is potent, take the time to set your intentions and to create a sacred space for yourself that is holding your intention for you in your home. Take the time to write and release all you feel called to during this eclipse period, and to truly think about what you want to call in.

This Full Moon is a great time to:
-Be yourself, create more freedom for expression of who you are in your life
-Stand your ground and create strong boundaries of what you will and won’t accept at work, at home and at school
-Make time for play, fan the flames of your creativity and get back into the flow of expressing yourself
-Go on an adventure, allow yourself to take risks when it comes to being yourself
-Be a leader, let your voice be the one that is heard
-Embrace passionate love and friendship
-Express yourself from the heart

How we take care of our selves, the investment we make into our health and happiness, is of paramount concern during this time. If we can’t connect to our self love, our own emotional expression and authentic truths, how can we help others to do the same? The world we want to live in, will be a reflection of each of us. This is a time to be conscious around your reflection. Get support, try new healing modalities. Commit to accountability to your health and wellness goals. You are important to our collective, and your healing is paramount to the healing of the world around you. 

The questions to ask ourselves this month are:
How can I play more and take more delight in life?
What gives me personal power?
How can I embrace passionate love and friendship?
How can I express myself creatively and from the heart? 
What makes me shine?
How can I be myself and create more freedom for expression?
Where can I stand my ground and create strong boundaries?
How will I make time for play?
What adventures can I call in?
How will I be a leader and let my voice be heard?

The interesting shadow element to this energy is that while there is energy to move forward in being seen and heard, it must come from our truest selves. If for any reason we are wanting to be seen and heard to feel approval, lovable, or successful we will not be building a life from foundations of our authentic selves. The truth is that we deserve to be seen and heard, and have deserved this since birth here. It’s our divine right to share our gifts with the world. Structures  built on false foundations of poverty consciousness, scarcity or fear will need re-working. Fret not, you get unlimited chances to work on this stuff folks. Spirit never tires of giving infinite chances for us to grow and evolve. Be loud about your needs and boundaries, be loud about your authentic spiritual self – who you are and what you believe in – be proud of the work it has taken to get you where you are. You’re doing great.

Have courage that this IS a fresh start, that new doors have opened. and that new ways of thinking, perceiving, and BEing, are here NOW.

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I am ever grateful for each and every one of you who tune in to support yourselves through the information I gather from spirit via these newsletters. I thank you for the love that you perpetuate as you excavate your own healing and I am ever here in service to your spiritual expansion.
With Love,  Rebecca



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