Sarah Bahbah “FUCK ME, FUCK YOU” at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery until April 8

How does it feel to have your first solo exhibit in NYC?

It feels liberating to be able to share my internal dialogue with the world, but even more so the people of New York. 😉

Name & Birthplace :
Sarah Bahbah, Perth, Western Australia

Credit_Keegan Westervelt Imagery-2

Métier (occupation):
Artist – Fine Art Photography

Creative Director/ Founder – Possy Agency

Sources of inspiration :
Embracing transparency in emotions and feelings.

Sources of motivation :

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What makes you happy :
Being grounded.

Favorite reads :
Mindful Compassion, Thich Nhat Hanh

Favorite tunes :
Cigarettes After Sex, The Dig, Alt J, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Yellow Days, Real Estate, The Paper Kites, Polo & Pan, Papooz, Paul Simon, Glass Animals.

Favorite foods :
Truffle Pasta

Beauty tips :
Drink 4 liters of water a day.

portrait of artist

portrait of the artist Sarah Bahbah

Favorite ways to unwind :
Lying on the floor listening to music.

What gets you in a working flow :
Coffee and boxing.

What are you working on now :
New caption series being released next week. Writing a TV show. And the solo exhibition ‘Fuck me, Fuck You ‘currently on.

Favorite motto / quote :
Each to their own.


Known for her explicit transparent exploration of the internal voices of young females, Sarah Bahbah’s raw storytelling style, depicted as film stills, delve into themes of love, pain, indulgence, and coming of age with her particular brand of feminine ennui. Displayed in major art exhibitions around the world, admired by celebrities, celebrated in global publication, and with a cult-like following on Instagram, her social cause of women finding freedom in self-love is achieving worldwide reach and impact. Culminating in 2015’s, ‘Summer Without A Pool’ series through to 2017’s ‘This Is Not For You’ series, @sarahbahbah is now one of the most shared accounts on Instagram.

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Gallery photography : Keegan Westervelt