SANDY LIANG Fall/Winter 18



This season the designer collaborated with 4 artists –  Brittany Asch of Brrch, Jen Monroe of Bad Taste, and Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria of Coming Soon – to create the “Twin Peaks Curtain” monotone blue backdrop to the FW18 presentation, a playful nod to Mission Chinese owner Danny Bowien’s favorite show. Jellied spilled liquids and artificial blue spaghetti were the table props surrounding the models, designed by Monroe and artfully garnished with blue orchid ferns and grasses by Asch. The Coming Soon team tied the concept together with creative direction on the decór.

WHEN: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2018, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM



For Fall/Winter ’18 the New York based designer Sandy Liang took a new and uncompromising approach in designing her collection.

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Conceived this past summer, Sandy Liang adds many new innovations to downtown fashion with her eleventh collection in just four years. Mirroring Liang’s eccentric yet classic personality, she takes the best bits of summertime dressing and makes it wearable in the colder months. Designing with the downtown girl in mind, Liang came up with riffs on florals, sorbet striped shearling in outerwear, and fantastical silhouettes for both tops and dresses. These exciting new pieces can be layered during the week and worn as standalones come the weekend.

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Her newest creations surpassed typical seasonal expectations and systems. Opting out of the traditional catwalk, Liang’s New York Fashion Week presentation is being held at her neighborhood staple, Mission Chinese. With her family and friends modeling looks for this season’s lookbook—no hair, no makeup, no fuss, no frill—Liang is able to stay true to her roots and preserve the effortless realism that resonates through her newest collection.

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Creative Direction: Kate Foley

Photographer: Kathy Lo

Press: Sydney Reising Creative: