Premiere: Billy Pallis releases anthemic Rock Instrumental “Town 56”

Town 56 is the impressive debut track from Greek rock guitarist Billy Pallis.
The track starts with an anthemic march roll and a cinematic guitar melody.

“When I wrote Town 56 I thought of a movie scene, a bar scene, a car chase scene, I thought Tarantino.”
The distinct theme is followed by a heavy guitar riff into a blues rock form and peaks with the theme and an explosive guitar Ritardando at the end. Pallis’ raw guitar virtuosity shines throughout the track when he plays his blues-rock licks. “I love the blues. I grew up with the blues. I would listen to the blues when I would go to sleep and when I woke up the music would still be playing. It had a powerful impact on me. My main influence is Gary Moore. He took the heavier blues rock guitar to another level”.


“I used my mexican Fender Stratocaster straight into my cranked VOX AC15 amplifier.
I like the interaction of my Stratocaster and the VOX with nothing in between.”

Billy Pallis was born and raised in Germany and would spend the summers in Greece. After graduating school and many guitar performances in Europe, he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated from with a degree in Music Production and Engineering.


Town 56 was produced, performed and engineered by Pallis himself at Esoteric Sound Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
“I love engineering and recording instruments. Making a record is like a painting, like a fantasy to me. You have all these colors and moods to paint with. I called German drummer Clemens Grassmann to play the drums and I used three microphones in mono to capture the performance. I like the simplicity and punch that I get with fewer microphones.”


Besides the main electric guitar, Billy also played the bass and the piano.
“I was picturing trains and cars driving into a town at night. I used a brass guitar slide with many layers for the special effects that you can hear coming in and out from many directions in the background.”

Pallis co-mixed the track with main mixing engineer Pablo San Martin, who also did the mastering at Esoteric Sound Studio in Brooklyn, New York


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Photography: Lesley Hoste
Photography Assistant : Frederick Bekaert
Artwork: Anara Askar
Styling: Paulina Castro Ogando