A Wonderful Dinner Last Week

NYC-based jewelry brand, Bijules by Jules Kim, and Berlin-based lingerie company, DSTM have recently collaborated together. Together they have intervened in the most marvelous spaces all over the world in search of like-minded designers, artists, clients, and bridges.


Creative Edge Parties & Good Peoples present FROM THE EDGE series: Merging temporary taste ideals with a more permanent specimen in gold jewelry and memories.


The series was celebrated at the end of July with an evening of new food, jewels, and lingerie, with a special dessert serenade by ATR31. Watercolor imagery was on display by Fahren Feingold (The Untitled Space Gallery, NY).

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The VIP dinner menu was inspired by their collaborative approach to experience, lust, gratification and nourishment for the body and soul.

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Photographer from the event: Cornelia Thonhauser