Brendan Meadows Charting Unmarked Territory at PhotoLA

Photographer Brendan Meadows is pushing the art form in a new direction, and it is certainly not to be missed at this month’s Photo LA festival. The artist shoots some of today’s most recognizable faces in entertainment, from Eric McCormack to Grimes to the late Charles Bradley, but underneath the veil of commercial photography is a fine artist breaking the mold.

Meadows recently teamed up with Ilford, the company behind some of the most renowned papers and films in the photo world, to pioneer a new method of printmaking. With the help of legendary printmaker Bob Carnie, Meadows has created a proprietary system that combines traditional printing methods used since photography’s inception, with some of today’s latest technological breakthroughs. Over the past few years they have discovered, refined and developed this technique, drawing the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Meadows will be premiering the photos, in a series entitled Ipseity, at this month’s Photo LA.

Danielle II – 2017

Name :
Brendan Meadows

Birthplace :
Toronto, Canada

Métier :

Sources of inspiration :
Light. People. Nick Knight. Nadav Kander.

Sources of motivation :
Being present.

What makes you happy :
My wife, great light, plane tickets, dropping film at the lab, getting out of bed each day to create.

Favorite reads :
I’m reading “Songs for the Cold of Heart” by Eric Dupont presently. It’s currently my favourite.
Howard – 2018
Favorite tunes :
Too many to make picks. That would be unfair to my vinyl library. Different moods and actions call for different acoustics. Just like different subjects and light call for different cameras.

Favorite foods :
Anything David Chang has a hand in.

Favorite ways to unwind :
Cooking, hands down.

What gets you in a working flow :
A great, creative, and empowered team.

What are you working on now :
Reviving a large body of previously shot military work into a show of small 5×7 inch platinum palladium prints for a gallery in France. The initial shoot happened in 2009 and everything was set to the period of 1940’s and the Spanish Civil War with nods to Robert Capa and the camaraderie of soldiers. It fell quite flat the first time and hopefully the second go will give it some well deserved legs. Also working with Jason Momoa for an upcoming creative project which is pretty exciting.
Kelly – 2017
Tell us about your creative process :
Each sitting is very different in scope and range. I’m always pooling together creative visuals and reference in-between them. Once I have figured a lighting breakdown that gels with the creative foundation, I get a team together and we go from there. I’ve always worked with starting points and mood boards and then allowed the elements to take shape on their own. There has never been a strict vision adhered to during the shoot, these are collaborative efforts from the best talents in their fields. Magic can happen, things present themselves incredibly and sometimes they fall flat…most usually they don’t, but I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t learn to fail better many years ago.

Why is it important for you to push the medium of photography :
Great work has always been such a motivational force and seeing a legacy fulfilled is
astounding. I want to be able to pass that along in some small scope if I can. The dedication to this craft is incredible and I’ve still got another 3 decades plus ahead of me…what fun.

Favorite motto / quote :
“It’s a gift in life when anybody gives you the chance to succeed at being yourself, and gives you the space to fail and grow.” Frank Ockenfels 3
A current fav that’s getting a lot of rotation presently.