Creativity Engaging Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones is a photographic artist, curator, and art director based in London.



Studying photographic art at the University of Westminster, Jones graduated in 2015 with his first project, ‘Life As It Should Be’. He then went on to work at  The Ravestijn Gallery based in Amsterdam. His most recent role at Millennium Images included running and managing the highly regarded photography competition Peaches and Cream. Throughout this period Jones has exhibited and curated exhibitions as well as taking shows to UNSEEN photo festival. In November 2018, he held his first self lead solo exhibition / book launch, displaying his latest work ‘Scroll’ and a series of abstracted vinyl prints.



Name : Jasper Jones  @jasperjones2

Birthplace : Slough

Métier : Own it and work hard




Sources of inspiration : The Internet, Joan Miro, Cindy Sherman, Music videos and it goes on! We live in a time of high image consumption I try to drown myself in it !

Sources of motivation : To be as creative as possible.

What makes you happy : A lot of things, fortunately.




Favorite reads :

My most recent favourites are;

The velvet rage by Alan Downs Ph.D , shit got real but very useful !

Brief Answers to the big questions by Stephen Hawking – mind blown also very creativity engaging.

Don’t get a Job…. Make a job: How to make it as a creative graduate by Gem Barton – an essential! very inspiring.


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Favorite tunes : My music taste is very broad but currently I’m loving some Billie Ellish and Diana king’s classic Shy guy !

Favorite foods : Pancakes 🤫

Beauty tips : Always and I mean always wear a good sunscreen factor 50 + everyday ! Even if it’s raining ! Don’t trust that sun !




Favorite ways to unwind : A bath with candles and some classic soul music. I’m basic like that.

What gets you in a working flow : Coffee and a deadline.




What are you working on now : I’m curating/managing a group exhibition, ‘Hot Sheet’ at the moment with 17 image-based artists, opening on the 16th May.

Working on large scale prints, that combine my photography and abstract paint !

Fashion film in the pipe line.

Designing a catalogue for a photo library.

Favorite motto / quote : “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gunna love somebody else” – Ru Paul




Photography by Maria Nova @marianovafilm