Analytical Hyperactive Mind of Tomas Auksas

Tomas Auksas is a twenty seven year old filmmaker, artist and the creative director of the global cultural diplomacy organisation Liberatum. Wallpaper magazine has described him as a “polymath”. Auksas’ themes often focus on social stigmas, minorities and global issues that effect humanity and life on earth.

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Since 2009, he has worked on impactful and compelling cultural endeavours and creative projects across the world, primarily with Liberatum. His creative work has been covered by leading publications globally such as The Guardian, Vice, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Forbes and Fast Company. Some of the luminaries he has interviewed and filmed include Nicole Kidman, Sir David Attenborough, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Pele, Tracey Emin and David Hockney on topics related to women empowerment, creativity and climate change. He is a co-director of the 2017 environmental feature documentary “In This Climate” that features Noam Chomsky, Deepak Chopra, Mark Ruffalo, Marina Abramovic among many others.

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“What About Us” documentary

Breakfast at a Psychiatric Hospital, Lithuania 2016

Auksas is also an activist working on humanitarian initiatives to educate the public and promote acceptance of marginalised people within our society as well as helping impoverished communities through art and culture. From transgender and intersex rights in Latin America to a recent film about young people with disabilities living in a mental asylum in Eastern Europe, he continues to break taboos, open minds and educate society.


“Intersex Army” Documentary

Name : Tomas Auksas @auksas

Birthplace : Lithuania

Métier : Filmmaker, Artist, Creative Director.


Sources of inspiration : My life is my source of inspiration. I have an analytical, hyperactive mind and always seek to expand the horizons of sometimes limiting human mind. I’m my films, photos and projects. Most of the time I’m deep in my thoughts looking for answers and solutions to complex social topics that I have encountered, observed or am researching for one of the projects. I’m fascinated by human nature, human emotions and relationships, social constructs, politics and history.

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“Working Class” Art Film

Los Angeles, 2013

Sources of motivation : Motivation is not something that comes to you out of nowhere. Motivation accumulates from motion. The more you do the more motivated you become. Although sometimes in life the low moments teach us how to get up and motivates us to reach higher heights.

What makes you happy : HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE

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Favorite reads : Recently: “Brave” by Rose McGowan, “The Law’s of Human Nature” by Robert Greene and every book or tape  by Louise Hay.

Favorite tunes : classical FM during the day at home and deep house whenever I want to dance. There is new music to discover every day.

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“Living On The Edge” Art Film

Mexico 2014

Favorite foods : Anything healthy, green and fresh. Fruit and Vegetables are my main diet. But I’m also a big foodie and love anything from Goulash to Japanese, Indian or Mexican.

Beauty tips : Water, Sex, Sleep and a weekly facial mask. I also use Ice tea cubes to cleanse my face but even then I think you look how you feel. It’s important to maintain positive and uplifting thoughts through out the day and celebrate yourself by expressing love for yourself  every day.

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  Portrait, Moving Image

Favorite ways to unwind : Burn sage, light candles, have a glass of red wine, pull some Tarrot cards, close my eyes and pray for close family and friends, express gratitude for my blessings.

What gets you in a working flow : Washing dishes, doing laundry and clearing my wardrobe. Once that’s done, I can work.


 “Intersex Army” documentary

RIP Jakob –  Father and son in São Paulo, 2017

What are you working on now :

“Intersex Army” a documentary on history of intersex and the rise of intersex activism movement. It features interviews with academics and historians among them Stephen Fry. And of course my “Intersex Army” warriors (activists) of today fighting for intersex rights and justice together with stories of ancient intersex characters from Rome, Greece, India, Japan as well as Native American and African tribal mythologies.

Favorite motto / quote : “Stay interested, not interesting”

Photography by Maria Nova