The Intuitive Beatričė Mockevičiūtė

Beatričė Mockevičiūtė is an artist and an educator who started her education in 2013 at the Vilnius Academy of Art in Scenography. She has a bachelors in scenography and Fine Arts. In 2019, she received her Master’s in Fine Arts.

She participated in various exhibitions since 2014, among them “The Unanswered Q” curated by Auridas Gajauskas, Monika Kalinauskaite, Audrius Pocius (Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius), “Decent Exhibition” curated by Viktorija Damarell and Ona Juciūtė (Gallery Titanic of Vilnius Academy of Art). In 2017 did her firs public art piece called “Asukas”.


In 2016, she received an abundance of awards including Young Artist’s Award at ArtVilnius ’16,
State scholarship for cultural and artistic creators, and Special mention at JCDecaux Award.

Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Vilnius Composer House (“Asukas”, 2018) and the Contemporary Art Centre (“Asukas”, 2019). She also participated in a group show “Cry Me A River”, which consists of artworks floating in water at Velje Fjord.


Since 2018, Beatričė is also working as an educator at MO Museum of Modern Art.


Name : Beatričė Mockevičiūtė @beatrice.mockeviciute

Birthplace : Vilnius, Lithuania

Métier : Artist

Sources of inspiration : Light and reminiscences

Sources of motivation : beauty


What makes you happy : delicious food and mild weather

Favorite reads: Ingmar Bergman “Private Confessions”, Jonas Žakaitis 90s, Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own, Marcel Proust In Search of Lost Timeand I probably forgot something…

Favorite tunes: Kabloonak, Roedelius, Jon Hassel, Forgotten Plants, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Robert Ashley, I could go on, but at this moment my Spotify is playing Hot Chocolate – We Had True Love


Favorite foods: broth, fresh bread, pizza margherita with anchovies and pasta with parmigiana, pepper and lemon. Lots of berries, among them – the watermelon. .

Beauty tips : Water. Sleep. Clothes that have been worn for a long time, and thus marked with rips and fades. Polished nails.

Favorite ways to unwind: Breathing and long walks.


What gets you in a working flow : Coincidences, intuitions.

What are you working on now : Compiling a book, composed of reflection of light I have lately encountered.

Favorite motto / quote : “Horizon I Have Ever Seen Before” – Hiroshi Yoshimura

Photography by Maria Nova @marianovafilm