Alberto Hamonet Arensberg “Your Kind Person”


Alberto’s first New York solo exhibition, “Your Kind Person”, consists of 5 large canvases, a wall of bird paintings, a large mural depicting a well endowed humanoid bird pointing a long finer, directing the audience into a corner in which one is confronted with a warped golden mirror, the art transforming sensory perception to a truly disorienting extent.


However, one must first pass through “Bird’s Cage” an installation in the form of a makeshift bar/ lounge, complete with two rotating perched bird sculptures, each lit by a single beam of light, reminiscent of a trapeze star spinning in the glory of their impossibly high swing. The room also consists of a sculptural totem, topped by a “mountain of cherries” food sculpture by Nelleke and a bar serving only yerba mate and tequila. We can assume that bird, in the title refers to the artist, and that this, the entirety of space including both foyer and central gallery, his cage.



Name : Alberto Hamonet Arensberg @aharaw

Birthplace :  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Métier : Artist


Sources of inspiration :

At times it is the trees and the bees, obviously mycology has been a huge source of inspiration and more recently ornithology.

Surprisingly, sometimes it’s working a mundane corporate gig;  a week spent unpacking and repacking garbage. While working a long, pointless  job one goes through a process of demoralization which if carefully fertilized and processed can become a well of inspiration. Anger and dissatisfaction with the global industrial complex can be alchemically transformed into creative battery juice.

I am also a huge fan of the nude.



Sources of motivation :  To get a studio with windows.

What makes you happy :  My dog, AX.  The smell of Oil Pastels. Plants.

Favorite reads : 

The Invisibles by Grant Morrison
Pihkal/ Tihkal by Ann & Sasha Shulgin
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg

Favorite tunes :

A Question of Balance by The Moody Blues
Raga Cycle by Pandit Pran Nath
Poise by Mobilegirl
Pulsewidth by Aphex Twin
Anything on Doom Dab



Favorite foods : 

A classic Nelly Belly bowl; typically a bed of brown rice with steamed and pickled veggies, ginger baked tofu and green onions with hot sauce. This is something I could, and often do eat for days on end.

On vacation, I eat a lot of naughty foods like almond croissants and donuts.

Beauty tips :  Greek olive oil soap and the Russian Turkish baths (or any sauna scenario).

Favorite ways to unwind :  Camping, mushroom hunting, reading, honey lavender tea, cannabis indica



What gets you in a working flow : Stretching and techno; when I get to the studio I won’t let myself make any marks until I’ve done my stretches.

What are you working on now : I’m working on my next three shows which are all at different stages of completion.

The process through which bodies of work materialize utilizes time in an interesting way. The bodies await their next evolutionary stage patiently while others mature and ripen. One of the most precise and exciting parts of the process is deciding when the fruit is ready to be picked and eaten.

Favorite motto / quote : “They paint until they lose their fear.”


Alberto Hamonet Arensberg was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. Lives and works in New York City. He has a BFA in Visual Arts from NYU.  “Head Work”, First Solo Exhibition April 2019 at Aetopoulos in Athens, Greece.
“Your Kind Person”, First New York Solo Show at 22 Ludlow Street, NYC.