Liutauras Psibilskis is OCD Chinatown


In 2018, Liutauras Psibilskis launched OCDchinatown, a gallery space in a working Chinatown mall in Manhattan. It is a queer venue for sound, image, object, movement and thought. Collaborations so far have included Lord of Beef (aka Kira Nova), Eckhaus Latta, Michel Auder, threeasfour, Jessie Stead, Ian Giles, Joseph Teeling, Sam Roeck and Young Boy Dancing Group.


Other than OCDChinatown, Liutauras Psibilskis’ previous projects are plenty, including the Lithuanian Pavilion at Venice Biennale with Jonas Mekas, projects for a couple of Performa Biannual editions and numerous exhibitions for Emily Harvey Foundation. A short while ago he has curated The World According to Fluxus, an extensive Fluxus exhibition at the National Art Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania, and a Fluxus / Jonas Mekas exhibition at Bozar in Brussels.


Name: Liutauras Psibilskis
Birthplace : Vilnius, Lituania (Vilnius, Lietuva)
Métier: art worker — curating mostly. currently i am one of the people running an
art space in Lower Manhattan: OCDChinatown @ocdchinatown


Sources of inspiration: looking, conversations

Sources of motivation: friendships, fun, the urge to create something different

What makes you happy: happiness is fleeting. It comes and goes, and is hard to
replicate or to pinpoint the source. It differs in different circumstances and
disappears when u try to grab it.


Favorite reads: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Favorite tunes: i collect DJ mixes by great people

Favorite foods: I see food functionally, as a fuel to sustain my body and mind, a
collection of chemical elements that I have to consume.

Beauty tips: thick sunscreen


Favorite ways to unwind: hiking and riding Dagas, my horse.

What gets you in a working flow: engaging conversation and Adderall

What are you working on now: I recently finished co-curating the BOFFO Fire
Island Performance Festival with BOFFO’s Founding Director, Faris Al-Shatir. The
festival was an amazing event in spectacular locations on the island and at
OCDChinatown. It focused on the LGBTQ community and its presence in the
visual art world, with performance commissions, lots of DJ sets, and parties.
Programming at OCDChinatown has continued after the festival, now presenting a
group exhibition and with a few other amazing people through the end of the year.

Favorite motto / quote: let me think of one hmmm… Live and Let Live perhaps?
or… Everything is Everything


Last words about the shoot for The Know :
We were lucky to have Victoria Bartlett raid my closet and style me for the shoot. She selected pieces she liked from my wardrobe and created a few looks — stripes, colors, patches — jean on jean — naked horse-riding (almost naked — my riding boots were on) — brown and pink wool comfort. The clothes were an eclectic mix: a collection of Nike, Eckhaus Latta, JWAnderson, Loewe, Marni, Acne, Michelle Rose and repurposed Wrangler. My first jeans and jean jacket that I can remember were by Wrangler, I was 6 years old perhaps. It is only recently that l learned the meaning of the word “wrangle” — i like it much better than “curate,” maybe the art world should start using it? Also, we were so happy to work with the makeup artist Linda Mason who treated my face as her canvas creating an urban camouflage for it with my baseball jacket and jean combo. Maria Nova figured it all out, photographed and directed all settings. It was a trip since i am a bit shy in front of a camera.
Photography by Maria Nova @marianovafilm 

Make-up by Linda Mason


 75 east broadway,

chinatown, new york, ny 10002