Mara Hoffman & Beau

Somewhere between the mystic mama persona generally ascribed to Mara Hoffman and the more down-to-earth reality of the designer’s NYC existence, lies her home away from home in Stormville, NY. Hoffman’s house blends with the woods that surround it in a magical way that makes one feel both inside and outside at once; with Hoffman and her family giving off a likewise inviting warmth. We sent Heather Boo and Emma Rose, fellow NY-natives of Beau, upstate to spend the day with Hoffman, her family, and her Fall -Winter 2016-17 collection.

#1 beau

Leaf Embroidered Deep Plunge Maxi Dress + Leaf Embroidered Blazer and Bustier Dress


Sage Velvet Pinafore + Sage Velvet Blazer

#3 beau

Sage Velvet Pinafore + Sage Velvet Blazer

 Beau : The fact that her home upstate is surrounded by a lake is enough to know that this place is something special. Her son and husband were the most charming knights in shining armour us wood nymphs could have asked for! The kind of ambiance created by Mara and her mystical family just can’t be copied. It was truly a dream.

#4 beau

Compass Embroidered Wide Leg Jumpsuit + Compass Embroidered Velvet Coat

#5 beau

Compass Embroidered Wide Leg Jumpsuit + Compass Embroidered Velvet Coat

Beau would like to say how magical their time with Mara was :

We were literally in paradise at Mara’s country house…literally.

Here is a poem we wrote on the drive home that day. 

Heart shaped moon

lives on within us all

there’s an island waiting for us

dream a little longer

you might get there

don’t wake me from this

I can pay in gold

just to stay here

a little while



#6 beau

Here are five questions for the magical lady herself!

Where is it that you find your inspiration from? 

The world, travel, human beings, art, my son, my husband, the universe, music, nature, life.

Did you always want to be a fashion guru? 

By no means am I a fashion guru, but I always knew I wanted to be a maker. from probably about eight-years-old on, I was inspired by making clothing and dressing women. 

Has anyone ever told you that if the image of God were a woman it would be you?

Has anyone ever told you the same thing? I guess you could say we’re all the image of God, aren’t we? but thank you for recognizing it in me; I recognize it in you too. 

How long do you keep your hair wrapped around your fingers to maintain those luscious locks? 

I don’t technically wrap it around my fingers, I just wrap it around itself, clip it and let it dry for one and a half to two days…depending on the outside temperature.

#7 beau

Compass Burnout Wide Leg Jumpsuit + Compass Burnout Midi Dress


#8 beau

Bolnisi Rug Knit Poncho

And 5 questions from Mara to the Beau band ladies :

W​hich fictional character would you invite to join band?
Three wishes?
World peace
Equality for all
Universal happiness
Artist style muse? (living or dead)
Charlie Chaplin
Space travel or time travel?
Time travel
What makes you feel grounded?
Pot & love 
#9 beau

Zebra Sequined  Keyhole Tent Dress + Zebra Sequined Tank Dress

#10 beau

Beaded Silk Maxi Dress + Beaded Deep V Dashiki