People converge in New York City to follow a dream, find inspiration, and become the individual they’ve always wanted to be. Each person who contributed to this editorial comes from a different city or different country, and each element of inspiration seen here goes back to the confidence needed to leave what you’re used to behind, and create the life you want.

The jewelry designers who’s work you can enjoy here are actively working to develop their own legacy. All based in New York City, each designer has made a commitment to create their unique vision.

Whatever your passion, whatever your dream, the integrity to act is required.

Photographer Ed Singleton Stylist Rachel Gilman Model Stella Duval at Muse Curve NY Makeup Cedric Jolivet using MAC Cosmetics Hair Sirsa for Lost Hairdressers using Oribe Words Ta’kerra Hall

Lady Grey silver ear cuff & faces ring, Mounser long gold earring & silver necklace, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry gold ring, Amanda Pearl bracelet

Lady Grey gold ear cuff, Erickson Beamon earring

Bing Bang NYC ear cuff & triangle earring, Noir NYC layered necklaces


CLOSER by WWAKE earring


Kria necklaces, Amanda Pearl ring & bracelet

Erickson Beamon gold fringe earring, Lady Grey silver ear cuff with stone, Paula Mendoza circles ear cuff, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry silver two finger ring, Amanda Pearl gunmetal and gold bracelets & gold ring with pearl, Alibi jagged brass bracelet

Lady Grey gold necklace