The Reality of Truth: A Modern-Day Testament to the Potential of Plant Medicine

Gathering ancestral crops from a variety of the world’s most prestigious and prophetic thinkers while unfolding galaxies through trekking through holy fields of astute wisdom, The Reality of Truth is a modern-day testament to the universal benefits of maximizing the potential of plant medicine, Ayahuasca, and meditation.

Whether it takes developing a kinesthetic awareness of your own benignant breath to lead oneself toward expanding apperceptive participation in living or a deep dive into the healing, medicinal properties stemming from the earth, The Reality of Truth is the cinematic rebirth beyond the piercing depths of self-imposed fears and a spiritually divulging Brillo Pad to scour viewers being to remove layers of karmic, emotional and mental patterning that has prevented individuals from moving into their full potential.

Through engrossing thought leaders in atmospheres abounding with divinatory layers, the filmmakers behind The Reality of Truth Film invigorate insatiable curiosity within viewers. Filmed throughout Peru, Rome, Maui, Costa Rica, and the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, ingenious conversations with charismatic individuals such as Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Dr. Drew, Aubrey Marcus, Marianne Williamson, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to serve to explore the minds super colossal, latitudinous construction of fascinating ideas that translate into otherworldly perceptions abounding with strong metaphysical and spiritual insight.

BTS: Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the psychenauts shooting The Reality of Truth Film.

Beyond the white noise of societal conceptions, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and Michelle Rodriguez join forces to trek through our multicultural world and collect doses of acumen leading them to construct their own belief systems behind the healing properties of plant medicine prior to investigating for themselves.

Zappy meditating in Los Angeles.

Reminding viewers that life is in an imperishable state of boundless flux and a continual graphic cycle of decaying and rising, The Reality of Truth leads viewers to ponder upon the question, “Does monotonously slaving away 40-50 hours of my week working my way up the shiny corporate ladder match the mental picture I have created of my life”? Disillusioned and wiser, The Reality of Truth invites viewers beyond beguiling facades and toward the holy land of overcoming the “I can’t” dilemma in all aspects of their lives.

Fredy Puma enjoying himself while shooting The Reality of Truth Film

The Reality of Truth enters spellbinding chapels of the interior of the mind, where none but limpid deities may enter. Through in-depth unearthing of bejeweled foresight, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin morphs into an eyewitness to his own experience and the modern miracles within everyday existence. Coming out clean, purified and restored, the infinite gray mass kicks your muse into high gear and reveals a palette of colors, allowing the treasures of your infinite depths unfold like a lotus of countless petals creates a new lease on life resulting from a strengthened sense of life purpose and meaning.

Michelle Rodriguez on location in Peru.

Feel your heart beating like a primitive tribal drum and the whooshing rush of your breath filling and escaping your lungs as you contemplate the potency and richness within expanding your consciousness while watching The Reality of Truth  and coming to terms with the beneficial properties of healing medicine. May you experience the art and importance of the endlessly liberating examination of self.


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