Beauty on the Beach

Sexy supermodel in training, Gabrielle Caunésil is a heart melter in so many ways, exuding sweetness, intelligence, and pure charm. Here, she presents herself to photographer Blossom Berkofsky in full force for Beauty on the Beach, with her fierce rawness and moreover, no body retouching!

Name: Gabrielle Caunésil

Birthplace: Paris

Métier: Model

Sources of Inspiration: I love and adore the 70’s French désinvolture like Brigitte Bardot in the movie called Et Dieu Créa La Femme! I am inspired by women with balls who creates their own rules. I love to see women as something powerful and free. Everyone who breaks limits and creates bridges between peoples and cultures. Serge Gainsbourg, Audrey Hepburn, François Mitterrand, my father, my boyfriend, there are so many people who are sources of inspiration for me everyday, it can be through art, politiques, or love!

Sources of Motivation: I was raised by my father and I am super grateful for everything he has given me, he is one of my biggest motivations. He deserves to be proud of me after all he did, so everyday I am trying to show him he did a great job, even as a single parent. Being a better person everyday, learning more, giving more, spreading and sharing are best things – that’s what drives me. To my beloved and also to the world. I am really into politics, women’s rights, humans rights, and ecology. I want to be part of the ones who will slowly make a change, and there is so much to do still! Thankfully,  the bigger the challenge, the more motivated I am!

What makes you happy? Nature is probably the thing that makes me the happiest. I am always working and traveling through big cities – at times it can get a bit too much. There is nothing better than a swim in the ocean, a great book, or a glass of wine to have my serenity back. I also enjoy walks in the woods where we have a house. And obviously, love ! I am a hopeless romantic !!

Favorite Reads: I am really into psychoanalysis, so the first 10 lessons of Freud have really changed my life. I decided after reading it, I would study psychology and do my own analysis ! I did and it was great !! L’Alchimiste de Paolo Cohelo, L’étranger de Camus, 1984 by Orwell and many more. I would also recommend The Power of Now by Tolle for anyone who wants to get deeper in their souls.

Favorite Tunes: Ahaha my favorites tunes… I am really into hip hop and r&b from the 90’s, it’s really bothering my boyfriend who loves rock and heavy metal ahah. JLO forever !!

Favorite Foods: Italian food is my favorite, nothing better than a good plate of pasta to fill your tummy with happiness hehe

Beauty Tips: Drink water and moisturize your skin every day ! I love French dermatological products and I recommend anything from Aven or Laroche Posay ! It does miracles !

Favorite Ways to Unwind: A long bath with candles, a face mask, and a glass of a good red bourgueil are my favorite unwind tools !

What gets you in the working flow? Music is my number one to get me energize while shooting!

vintage Lip Service bodysuit.

What are you working on right now? I am currently on holidays, so the only thing I am working on is to be the most relaxed I can be and enjoying every present moment! And a bit of Italian on the side ahah

Favorite Quote: Liberté, égalité, sensualité!!

Last words about the shoot for The Know: Thanks for having me, it was a beautiful day, filled with creative souls next to the ocean ! Can’t ask for a better energy

vintage tank top, Commando high-waisted briefs.


Name: Diane da Silva

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Métier: Makeup Artist

Sources of Inspiration: Cult film and subcultures within music and youth- particularly  of the 70s and 80s.

Sources of Motivation:  Everything for art’s sake!

Favorite Tunes: Lately, it’s a lot of Depeche Mode.

Beauty Tips: Cross reference products on and for reports on toxicity and efficacy, respectively. But above all, do what makes you feel beautiful and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Favorite Ways to Unwind: By putting my phone away.

What gets you in a working flow? I’m going to pretend that positivity and collaboration is more important than good catering in the morning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What are you working on now? It’s exciting and it’s top secret!

Favorite Quote: “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.” -Woody Allen

Last words about the shoot for The Know: This was a good day – the kind that reminds me why I do what I do.

vintage bandana in hair.


Name: Rachel Lee

Birthplace: San Diego, CA

Métier: Hairstylist

Sources of Inspiration: Travel, cinema, art, youth culture, @ music

Sources of Motivation: Personal expression & spirituality

What makes you happy? Cooking, family, dance, & a good seat on the plane 😉

Favorite Reads: Any Carlos Castaneda, Jodorowsky, mMiranda July

Favorite Tunes: The smiths, Kendrick Lamar, the cramps

Favorite Foods: Wine and seafood

Beauty Tips: Know when to do less! Everyone has something unique to accentuate

Favorite Ways to Unwind: A great dinner with friends

What gets you in the working flow? Listening to super loud music on my way to a job

What are you working on right now? Working on creating a new wave back to analogue music

Favorite Quote: The only person you can change is yourself

Last words about the shoot for The Know: It was a dream to work with Blossom and watch her be inspired by who Gabrielle truly was…often photographers try to transform the model, but I felt Blossom was interested in finding out who she was and let that inspire the shoot.

Commando high-waisted briefs.


Photography by Blossom Berkofsky

Styling by Masha Orlov
Hair by Rachel Lee for Kerastase at Atelier Management

Makeup by Diane da Silva at Atelier Management