Italian Scarf Trend Illustrations by Marianna Kulukundis

This Fall-Winter the Italian scarf trend is feeling very stylized Babushka, an old European view of women. It’s what women are wanting to wear to play with a conservative, chic but bit fugly manrepeller look. Versace and Miu Miu give a rock ‘n roll and sexy edge feel to the librarian style. Gucci and Valentino bring on the more spiritual edge.

valentino corrected

Valentino head scarf.

Illustrator Marianna Kulukundis renders the trend incorporating portraiture and fantasy. Read what else inspires her below.

Versace stylized nose

Versace scarf worn with beret.

Name : Marianna Kulukundis

Birthplace :  London, UK

Métier : Artist, Illustrator, sometime producer

Sources of inspiration :
Anything and everything. Right now I am obsessed with the colors on
15th Century Majolica and braids depicted in art, from those found on
the women painted on the Majolica, to the braids on the back of the
Caryatids at the Acropolis. I want to do a series of ceramics that use
paired down decorative elements of braids.

Sources of motivation :  
Feeling satisfied with my work, which never completely happens, so it
keeps me motivated!

Miu Miu Corrected

Miu Miu neck scarf.

What makes you happy :
My work. Traveling, Being curled up in bed when there is a thunder
storm outside, and most importantly silliness , an underrated quality.

Favorite reads :
I either read a lot or not at all, it goes in phases.
The Master and Margarita by Nabokov, a literary masterpiece that
includes witches flying on broomsticks, Tess of the D’Urbervilles by
Hardy, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, my
first favorite book since it was all about food!

Favorite tunes :
There are too many…! I love Planet Earth by Duran Duran and Love
is a Stranger by The Eurythmics. Also the soundtrack to Xanadu.
Who doesn’t need a little Olivia Newton John and ELO? I tried to
convince someone ELO was cool, they did not agree.

Favorite foods :
Anything that has fresh chili in it or mint or coriander.

Beauty tips :
I am meant to say moisturize before you go to bed but I always
forget. My personal tip is to keep some make up remover wipes by
your bed.

Favorite ways to unwind :
I used to dance around my room with my headphones on, but now I
am afraid binge watching a tv show has taken over.

What gets you in a working flow :
– Putting on one of my many boiler suits
– Coffee
– The Daily podcast
– Ready, set, go

What are you working on now :
My website! I think my web designer may kill me, never give a Libra
time to deliberate!
Next: a series of ceramic plates.

Favorite motto / quote :
“ κάθε εμπόδιο για καλό” which translates rather boringly to “every
obstacle for good.” It sounds so much better in Greek but I believe in

Gucci Corrected

Gucci head scarf.

See more of Marianna Kulukundis’s work on @ilikey_alot

And personal page @mazzieksays