British designer Catherine Quin is tired of women experiencing hostility for standing up for their beliefs. So she’s celebrating women who show grace in the face of adversity with her “Women of Grace” campaign.

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Artist Quentin Jones is shot by Oscar Yoosefinejad wearing the Ledoux jumpsui.

“There is not enough grace in the world to even the playing field,” notes Quin. “This year, I have been struck by exceptional women who have remained resolutely graceful in the face of extreme hostility —- from the UK’s Gina Miller who fought for democracy in the courts over Brexit and won — to Dr. Blasey Ford, whose dignified testimony, still didn’t succeed in shielding her from public mockery.”

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Jewelry Designer Monique Pean is shot by Benjamin Lozovsky wearing the Ten dress.

Quin chose a diverse group of 30 women from London, Paris, New York and L.A like vocal English stage and film actress and activist Andrea Risborough who “are all navigating powerful professional and personal roles with strength, intelligence and determination.”

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Dancer Emma Chadwick is shot by Benjamin Lozovsky wearing the Jeanneret top and Delphi Skirt.

To celebrate the launch, Quin held a Literary Tea at London’s Maison Assouline, where Miller read from her new book, “Rise”, while Quin’s muses modeled pieces from her collection, accessorized by Le Monde Beryl shoes and Monique Pean jewelry.

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Food writer Tarajia Morrell is shot by Benjamin Lozovsky wearing the Belmonte jacket and Larkin trousers.

“There is a brighter tomorrow,” Miller said. “Whatever happens, whatever it is we are experiencing, we are never alone.” As if to reinforce her point: #MeToo crusader and UK Head of Corporate Sustainability for BNP Parabas Anjuli Pandit, Women for Women Founder Brita Fernandez Schmidt, and Quin herself all read from their favorite pieces of feminist literature.


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Actress Janet Montgomery is shot by Benjamin Lozovsky wearing the Soriano dress.

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Actress Andrea Riseborough is shot by Kanya Iwana wearing the Ariel jumpsuit.

It’s all a perfect sequel to Quin’s previous campaign, “Women of Purpose,” which highlighted the philanthropic and professional achievements of women like actress and women’s rights crusader Freida Pinto. Suffice to say: thanks to designers like Quin—and the many women who inspire her—it’s a brighter tomorrow indeed.

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Philanthropist, author and investment manager Gina Miller is shot by Oscar Yoosefinejad wearing the Belmonte jacket and Larkin trousers.


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Chef Jemima Jones is shot by Oscar Yoosefinejad wearing the Penelope dress.

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Gallerist Sophie Oakley is shot by Oscar Yoosefinejad wearing the Dora Dress.

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Composer Isobel Waller Bridge is shot by Toby Thomas wearing the Soriano top.

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Actress Scottie Thompson is shot by Birdie Thompson wearing the Seagram jumpsuit.

text : Masha Orlov

photography : Kanya Iwana, Benjamin Lozovsky, Birdie Thompson, Oscar Yoosefinejad