The Multidisciplinary World of Dalila

Name: Dalila @dalilapasotti

Birthplace: Turin, Italy

Métier: Sculptor, Musician, Jewelry Designer

Sources of inspiration: The Universe.

Sources of motivation:  Being part of something impossible to understand, which is the Cosmos, and trying to connect with it by giving life to ideas inspired by this mystery.


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What makes you happy: Creating, stargazing, animals, traveling to remote destinations, to stare at and contemplate the art of the old masters.

Favorite reads: Science- mostly cosmos related books- and biographies of great minds.

Favorite tunes: This is a tough one…. I love so much diverse music that I can’t state an absolute favorite; the list is way too long.

Favorite foods: Anything Italian with no meat,  I’m vegetarian.  Veggies, pasta, sweets, you name it… Italian cuisine is unsurpassed!

Beauty tips: Never sleep with make up on. NEVER. Vegan Hyaluronic Acid works well to keep your skin plumped. Take care of your hair, when they look great, everything else follows. And yes, a little workout is necessary.


Favorite ways to unwind: Spending time with friends. Going to art exhibits and concerts. Talking on the phone with my best friend Andrea in Paris. Sketching. Cuddling with my cat Rigolo. Buying tools and sculpting related stuff.

What gets you in a working flow: Compulsion to make more.

What are you working on now: My solo art show opening at the end of March and writing more music for Arpalice upcoming shows.

Favorite motto / quote: “What does your conscience say? – ‘You shall become the person you are’.” (The Gay Science) Friedrich Nietzsche


Last words about the shoot for The Know (clothes/ style/ vibes):I loved to be shot in my workplace, with my smocks and coveralls. I like the physical aspect of being a sculptor, although you have to forget manicures and be ready to be constantly covered in dust, clay and plaster. I don’t even bother to clean my boots anymore, I walk around with plaster on them! My studio is an abandoned house with a garden view. We call it the Haunted House and I like being totally reclusive there. It was fun to make it into a studio set for a day. As for the second part of the shoot in my apartment in Nolita, I can say my wardrobe has very few colors. I like colors for certain striking pieces, but in general I stick to black and white. It’s the cut, fabric and uniqueness that I love and select. My apartment is jammed of paraphernalia, sculptures, objects, talismans, records, candles, books and cat hair everywhere. Some people can’t handle my place, they say it makes them dizzy! But that’s me and I’m happy just the way it is.


Lucas Lucas Gallery is pleased to present ‘INFINITAS |X| INCOGNITA’, the latest body of work by Italian sculptress and jeweler Dalila Pasotti, opening on Friday March 29th. The exhibition will boast a mesmerizing assortment of white alabaster, ceramic, and hydrocal mixed media sculptures, handcrafted into majestic sphinxes, goddesses, and extraterrestrial beings. ‘INFINITAS |X| INCOGNITA’ is an examination of the mysterious link between science and art, the otherworldly element of all mortal things, and the interconnectivity of our world. Pairing traditional Old Masters stone-carving technique with an experimental mix of media, each handcrafted piece represents an idealogical vector or scientific theory without a standard metaphorical component. Within a universe of infinite possibilities, she muses on hypothetical life-forms scattered across galaxies.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.16.02 AM

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As proclaimed through her manifesto, Pasotti delves into the concept of hidden realities proposed by several leading astrophysicists, speculating on astral planes of existence far beyond humanity’s grasp:

The unknown
The connection to the cosmos
The enigma of the beginning
Otherworldly scenarios
Connecting with all this
The mysteries of the cosmos
Are the pillars
Creating bonds with the consciousness
And discovering how everything is deeply connected
The microcosm of the individual entity IS the mirror of the macrocosm
Making this concept into art by crossing
Science with myths
To explain the unexplainable.

The exhibition be on view through April 19th. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 12-6pm and by private appointment.


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ARPALICE rises from the ashes of the band originally lead by Dalila Pasotti (former Other Crimes) who then joined forces with Andrea Sicco from TWIN GUNS, to create a new minimal and powerful duo format. Their dramatic, otherworldly sound is eclectic, moody and visceral, the result of a background informed by an unusual mix of European heritage, British music influence, and New York’s edgy underground sensibility.


Dalila Pasotti Jewelry


Dalila Pasotti ‘s jewelry is the representation of the journey of her life and represents the full spectrum of Dalila’s life and vision. Inspired by her youth spent traveling in remote destinations, her love for nature, her adolescence as an award-winning equestrienne and ultimately her passion for science ( above all astronomy and astrophysics) that lead her to graduate in Natural Sciences at the University of Turin. At the same time her passion and inclination for art and music grew and brought her to NYC where she began making sculptures and playing music in the downtown and Brooklyn scene. The jewelry is the extension of sculpture where art becomes wearable, and the first pieces ever made were meant to be worn on stage for music shows. With time the designs grow more luxurious, incorporating a lifelong love of precious stones passed on by her parents, who collected precious stones and jewelry for as long as she could remember. Her degree came full circle, especially extensive courses dedicated to petrography, mineralogy, geology and crystallography. She broke into New York’s Diamond District to apprentice with renowned jewelers and learn the craft of her art from inception to culmination. Elegance, Mystery and Power are the three adjectives that best represent Dalila Pasotti’s work, applying old-fashioned techniques to avant garde, conceptual, and sculptural pieces.This jewelry represents the full spectrum of Dalila’s life and vision.  The creations tie together an Epicurean embrace of natural beauty with her roots in Turin’s history of mysticism and black magic, elegance and romance with mystery and danger, continental charm with minimalist decadence.



Photography Marija Nova
Styling Christie Boschert
Model/Artist Dalila Pasotti