The blue-green eyed goddess, Alana Felisberto has looks and dresses to kill. Her charming laughter can hypnotize anyone, while her eyes will pierce through your heart, which are just some of the secrets to her success, other than living a healthy lifestyle. Victoria Secret and Pat McGrath makeup are just a few of Alana’s incredible clients.


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Name:   Alana Felisberto Lucio @Alanafelisberto

Birthplace: Guaíra, SP – Brazil

Métier: Fashion model

Sources of inspiration: My mom

Sources of motivation: Always improving myself

What makes you happy: My friends and family


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Favorite tunes: “I’m Still In Love With You”, Sean Paul and Sasha

Favorite foods: Vegan sushi



Beauty tips: Drink lots of water

Favorite ways to unwind: Listen to music, yoga


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What gets you in a working flow: Drink lots of water, eat healthy, and get rest.

What are you working on now: Moving to my new apartment




Favorite motto / quote: Living and falling in love with life!


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All clothes are vintage sourced throughout NYC.





photography Robert Louis @robertlouisphoto
styling Masha Orlov @masha_orlov
hair Juli Akaneya @juli_akaneya using  R+Co