Merman : A Time of Transitioning

After the Spring Equinox, when the Sun starts getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Merman transitions into a human and starts climbing out of water. This is a men’s hair beauty story inspired by this time of transition, photographed by Robert Louis with hair creations by Juli Akaneya. Read what inspires our contributors below.
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Name :
Robert Louis

Birthplace : 
Miami, FL

Métier : 

Sources of inspiration :
EVERYTHING. For this shoot I was really inspired by my love for the ocean. I wanted to capture certain elements and textures and realize them in the form of a Merman. A character ideal I don’t think has been explored much. When I saw Jullian I knew he would be such a significant part of making my idea come to life. He is captivating and brought something very unique to the photographs. The hair also had a key role in this shoot. I gave Juli references like, sea urchins, clams, oysters, dead marine life,  and petrified wood as a basis to build and create a narrative with the hair.


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Sources of motivation :  
A good idea really motivates me.

What makes you happy :
Traveling and receiving perspective makes me happy. Taking a photograph I know no one else will ever have also makes me very happy…

Favorite reads :  
Life After Death by Damien Echols

Favorite tunes :
Right now it’s H.E.R.


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Favorite foods :
Anything fried on a beach with a cold beer on a perfect day

Beauty tips :
Free your mind

Favorite ways to unwind :
Being in water

What gets you in a working flow :
I am always searching for my next muse or my next idea that will then become an obsession. There is a level of obsession necessary for me to create pictures that I truly love. Once this happens the work flow takes on a life of its own, which can be a very exciting process.


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What are you working on now :
I am working on finishing design and production on my second book. I am combining my travel, street portraits, nature, children, food and fashion all in one book. It has been great to see how my work can live harmoniously in one place and tell a story.

Favorite motto / quote : 
Actions speak louder than words

Last words about the shoot for The Know (clothes/ style/ vibes):
Thank you team!

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Name : Juli Akaneya

Birthplace : Englewood, New Jersey

Métier : Session stylist

Sources of inspiration : Trends from my past and movies, art and music that has moved me.


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Sources of motivation : My father, who is also a hairdresser. He’s someone I’ve always looked up to and have aspired to be like.
What makes you happy : Music and all aspects of it, traveling to new and familiar places, and playing with hair!

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Favorite reads : A book my parents got me for Christmas when I was a child that teaches you how to do all kinds of braids and comes with fun ribbons and accessories to work with. I wish I still had it!

Favorite tunes: I love the music my parents raised me on – the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Carole King but also have a deep love for Hip-hop.


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Favorite foods : Tacos and Japanese food

Beauty Tips: Always accentuate your best features and comfort is key!

Favorite ways to unwind : Cuddle with my cat and Netflix and chill

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What gets you in a working flow : Good music and good people!

What are you working on now: Narrowing the scope of my work and only putting my energy into jobs that inspire me or teach me to become better at my craft.

Favorite motto / quote : Excuse me while I kiss the sky -Jimi Hendrix


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Photography by Robert Louis @robertlouisphoto
Hair by Juli Akaneya @juli_akaneya using @oribe
Makeup by Robert Reyes @robertreyesnyc
Model: Jullian Culas @jullianculas @red_models