Ildi Pekar Lift Facial


I love healers and their healing hands (yours truly has studied a few modalities, so can separate the chaff from the wheat.) When Ildi Palakar massages your face and gets the lymph moving and the blood circulating, you feel as though you are in powerful hands.

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Working with the body for over 20 years, Ildi Pekar has focused her craft on all the manifestations of cellular damage and accelerated aging that are skin deep, providing her clients with measurable results in both their visual appearance and their overall sense of well-being.

A native of Budapest, Ildi Pekar incorporates her deeply rooted cultural and educational experiences as a skin care therapist to promote her philosophy “skin care is health care”. Ildi’s home country of Hungary is known as the “spa capital” of the world, and served as a foundation for the creation of her renowned healing therapies.

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Ildi brings a unique approach to her clients that combines the “magic” of traditional remedies with modern technologies to provide a deeper nurturing experience for you. Building on her European roots and an established, loyal following, Ildi provides these forward-thinking and nurturing touch to those who need healing in both physical and spiritual grounds.

With her vision, and over 20 years of strengthening her techniques, Ildi leads the way in skin analysis for face and body care.

Here is a breakdown of my most recent Lift Facial with additional LED Light Therapy. She mainly used cleanser, toner, CBD exfoliator, CBD serum, CBD Sleeping Mask and Eye Cream during the facial.


Here I am pre-facial, good because I am always taking care of my skin, but definitely rough around the edges.

She started with the lymphatic detox touch massage with cleansing. It helps you to get rid of toxins and increase blood circulation.

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Micro current around your eye area
Microcurrent ‘work outs’ your muscles individually just like having a personal trainer to guide your muscles properly. In result, your muscles are stronger, tighter, and healthier creating a youthful foundation for your skin. It helps eliminate puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can see results instantly and has no down time.

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Trio Lift (radio frequency) on your cheeks and jaws
Radio Frequency shrinks enlarged and harmful fat cells (that have toxins stored in them) as well as tighten the skin up to 28% visible difference.

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LED Light Therapy
Using our multilayered LED Light therapy with Polarized (Filtered) Light to assist the healing process of the skin and body at an even more accelerated speed. It helps repair skin damage and kills bacteria. It will give you a natural glow.

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The End Result- glowing skin, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and happy as can be!


Name : Ildiko Pekar

Birthplace : Budapest, Hungary

Métier : Skincare Specialist

Sources of inspiration : I love spending time with my family. I love traveling and get to know other cultures, we can learn so much during discovering the world. Appreciation is a key to any relationship, urging myself to go on with new vigor.

Sources of motivation :  I like setting small goals. My job gives me a lot of insight of people, food, and lifestyles. It has allowed me to explore the human body on many different degrees beyond the physical, learning all the languages of the body and this way i am trying to teach people the best way to take care of their body.

What makes you happy : Music! Music is an excellent way to shift your mood. And good chocolate 🙂

Favorite reads : I like reading. There are so many great books. I can read any reader type book, if i see something that looks good, then that is the one to choose. I enjoy rooting for the characters and getting to know them as they fight to defend the rules that make the world a good place.

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Favorite tunes : When I was younger, I wanted to be a DJ, so music is very close to me. It could change my mood instantly. I don’t a have favorite music, but when I listen a song and it speaks to me I like it. ️

Favorite foods :  I am fan of the Hungarian foods! But i love appetizers and desserts!

Beauty tips : Giving your face a good 5 minutes massage will completely changes the way your skin feels and looks. The result is firmer skin, better sleep, and overall happiness. And we believe that true beauty comes from the inside, i can’t express enough to my clients how critical it is to get sufficient sleep, to drink plenty of water. As people, we have to know that skincare is healthcare, and it is an inside-out job.

Favorite ways to unwind : Practicing meditation. Taking warm CBD bath. Taking out 20 minutes once a week to give your skin some love with simple mask and a five-minutes stimulating massage gives your skin the attention it needs.

What gets you in a working flow : We are still learning so much about the body which helps us to get better and better results over time. I am passionate what i do. I am grateful for the process of learning and interpreting my work. I enjoy that i can be gentle and patient while still be very effective in getting the result.

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What are you working on now : We just launched our new  product, the Exfoliating Face Polish with CBD. I was so excited about it. The combination of freshly ground flowers (including Everlasting Helivhrysum flower) and CBD gently removes impurities, unclog pores and brighten your skin. After using this exfoliator you will feel and look like who just had a Deep Cleansing Facial.

I am continuously working on new pieces, but it takes time to come out with new products because we always test them to make sure that the final product is the perfect one!

Favorite motto / quote : Stop Caring About The Things That Don’t Matter!

Ildi Pekar, Skincare Expert, Owner of Ildi Pekar Skin Care.