Healer and Artist Rebecca Conran releases debut album YIN

YIN, the debut album from New York-based healer, writer, and performer Rebecca Conran, is out now and available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify, iTunes and more. The album, which draws inspiration from Conran’s background as both a musician and facilitator of healing ceremonies, was recorded at the bucolic Outlier Studios in Mountaindale, NY. YIN was produced, mixed by, and performed with Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic and Art Feynman.


The album is a 26-minute sound meditation which Conran intended to be played from top to bottom. Its hypnotic rhythms take the listener on a calming journey, one that will soothe the nervous system and help people find deep presence à la Brian Eno’s Apollo. Of the record, Temple explains, “This is a whole complete vision all the way through, it’s like rainbow colored glaciers buttering through my brain. I’m very grateful to have been part of it.”

The instrumentation on YIN includes a shruti box drone, singing bowls, idiopan, and Conran’s angelic vocals. Of the record, Conran says, “I hope it reminds listeners to remember what unconditional love can feel like in the body. This album is heart opening, encompassing the breakthrough and hope that follows an existential breakdown. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Rebecca Conran weaves her experience as a healer, facilitator of ceremonies and sound baths into her musical endeavors. Following tumultuous times and a complete break- down, she embarked on a deep healing experience. She learned how to care for herself holistically and has become one of Brooklyn and New York’s best known healers. Conran imparts her healing to others through Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound Baths and more. While her career as a healer grew, she has written and recorded music at home for 17 years. YIN is years of artistry birthed in the form of an album.

Rebecca currently resides in upstate New York in Narrowsburg. She created and hosts the popular podcast “New Story with Rebecca Conran” and conducts healing sessions throughout the region.


Name : Rebecca Conran @rebeccaconran

Birthplace : Dewsbury, England 

Métier : Renaissance Woman

Sources of inspiration : I am inspired by those individuals who have worked behind the scenes in lesser roles with the same sort of love and devotion for humanity that people that achieved acclaim have 

Sources of motivation :  I am motivated by a deafening need to expand on love in my lifetime. I want to infuse love into places that are suffering and sad, tired and giving up. I want to find all the places in myself where love cannot grow and nurture and love myself into being and then lead others to the infinite supply available to our collective. 


What makes you happy : drugs? sex? money? approval? Ha! Many things that make me “ happy” in the moment – that gratify the happy high, don’t bring me fulfillment long term (like drugs, sex, money & approval). Happiness to me is a high that I no longer chase, for me I am always questioning what brings me peace? What brings me ease? What brings me balance? Chasing happiness has been to my detriment, now I look to simplicity. I feel at my most contented when I’m serving unconditional love and acceptance in a world where these are radical ideas, but especially when I’m supporting others through my Intuitive Healing Work and when I’m performing and singing because that is when the child in me returns to a state of innocence.

Favorite reads : Anything by Philip K. Dick

Favorite tunes : It changes week to week depending on how I’m feeling, right now I can’t get enough of Luke Temples “Both-And”, Amen Dunes “ Freedom”, Nick Hakim’s “Green Twins”, Nick Drake, Lou Rawls, Dennis Wilson, Linda Perhacs, Robert Wyatt, Minnie Riperton…music is a huge source of inspiration for me daily, I have playlists for every year, mood, activity. I love that algorithms help me to find new music that I wouldn’t be able to stumble upon in the modern world without a little nudge. 

Favorite foods : Japanese and Ayurvedic.

Processed With Darkroom

Beauty tips : Wash your face before bed and moisturize! I stopped using any products that weren’t 100% natural about 10 years ago and it’s made all the difference to my health and skin, before that I was a meth addict and an alcoholic who chronically ate fast food- the physical repercussions of which were all transformed by using food as medicine and living as naturally as possible. The body is a fantastic healer when you align your mind, emotions and spirit.

Favorite ways to unwind : I love to dance, paint, cook, take a walk, take a bath, listen to music, sit quietly with my eyes closed…

What gets you in a working flow : Ritual is my lifeline. I get up at the same time every morning (7:30am) regardless of if I have anything to do or not. I make my bed, and perform my physical, emotional and spiritual rituals before I focus on work or other people. I put care of myself first and after I care for these needs, work flows through me intuitively and easily. I also listen to myself and pay attention to my energy. If I don’t feel like working, I will rest instead. My energy has ebbs and flows, as everyones does, being connected to this helps me to work for my highest aims rather than continually striving and delivering sub-par results. 


What are you working on now : I’m always working on my Astrology Podcast “New Story with Rebecca Conran” because I love tapping into the weekly energies and looking for clues as to the themes and patterns in the collective consciousness. I’m also working one-on-one with individuals struggling with meaning, purpose. depression, anxiety or psychic overload through my spiritual counseling and energy clearing work. Other than that, I’m working on recalibrating after releasing a creation into the world. I recently made my album YIN, a sound bath meditation and energy healing and I infused it with so much love that I needed to gather in my resources towards myself afterwards. When you make something that makes you feel very vulnerable and raw, at the end of the emptying of the creative process you can fell disconnected from who you are – because your no longer the same person. After I made this record, I could no longer identify with the woman who made the record in the first place because I had re-birthed myself and closed a chapter of my life, so a sense of identity and personality was lost. What a wonderful gift this was! As I process and integrate this change I’ve given myself time – 6 months – to not have any major goals in mind, but to be with myself in a state of gentleness and ease. 

Favorite motto / quote : “Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam” – I’ll either find a way or make one

“YIN artfully balances simplicity and depth. At times it is like a quivering drop of liquid where cruelty and beauty appear together in the same reflection.”
– Matthew McAuley (A.R.E Weapons, TV Baby)

Photos of Rebecca by Angelina Dreem www.angelinadreem.net

Artwork by Rebecca Conran www.RebeccaConran.com