Zac Posen’s NYC Phoenixes

A short text message said :

“Heads up: come by tomorrow, if you can, to Central Park where I am going to drape some gowns “en plein air.” Kind of my love letter to NYC to encourage everyone to revive the energy and creativity that NYC possesses. As you well know,  I ❤️ NYC!

Time: 3PM- 6:30PM

Place: North side of Conservatory Water (Located West of Fifth Avenue, centered opposite East 74th Street – Enter on 76th St off of Fifth Avenue)

As always, wear a mask!



Zac Posen in a Resistance by Design mask with his right hand Lindsay Jones

And a beautiful love letter to NYC it was!

As well as a happening with lots of creatives, journalists and passersby enjoying Zac Posen’s 3 hour draping session in Central Park by the Conservatory Water pond.

Zac Posen explained “An ode to the beauty of New Yorkers and peoples’ kindness, resilience and strength that I am feeling from the city’s magic.”

“Creativity is alive and well and thriving in New York City. These are New York City phoenixes.”

photography : Olimpia Dior