Routines With Katya Kulyzhka

Artist and model, Katya Kulyzhka, reveals her secret beauty, workout, and creative routines to make the most out of everyday for a successful and balanced well-being.

Name : Katya Kulyzhka  @katyakulyzhka

Birthplace : I was born in [an] industrial Ukrainian city, Dnepr, where I haven’t been in a long time and I don’t really remember [it]… 

Métier : An artist and a model, both sides complete each other from different angles

Sources of inspiration : Definitely music, French films, people and the ocean. Time with nature truly recharges me, it doesn’t matter how long my ocean dates are; it makes a huge difference for me.

Sources of motivationPeople inspire me the most. Even talking about art, whenever I’m meeting the artist, it always brings more meaning and connection to the art piece and personalizes it

What makes you happy : It’s art again. I can spend hours in [a] museum, and let me start drawing you’ll see me [until] midnight !! It’s something I have been doing a lot during quarantine; drawing nudes, sculpting, painting … I always think that after modeling I’ll dedicate all my time [to] making art, and this “pause” happened, so it is something which keeps me sane, along with dance, yoga, and swimming.

Favorite reads : I don’t know how I got into Murakami early this spring, but I finished most of his long and short [stories], and a bunch of another Japanese authors, like Mieko Kawasami. I picked up a new Ukrainian writer last month, Andryhovich, she’s great, also really enjoyed Ayn Rand.  One of my picks this summer was “The fire in his wake “ by my dear friend Spencer Wolf , if you into true stories.  On another side i like to read about films and writing. 

Favorite tunes : Music wise, I pretty much depend on my Spotify weekly picks and a couple of friends live mixes. I love listening to music while I’m reading or writing, which is love instrumental, btw if you reading something, in my case Murakami, you can search it on Spotify the name of the book and i can guarantee someone already pre-made the playlist for it.  In the end there are eight more people up there but I can drop a couple names: L’Equipe du son, Vendre sur Mer, and Kazy Lambist.

Favorite foods : I love simple food, like raw fruits and veggies, it may sound boring, but when they are local, it’s the best thing for me.  Plus, it doesn’t take any time to cook or recycle, no waste of time or plastic/glass/paper. Or Japanese food…. I love everything from soba to sashimi, traditional mochi and matcha.  And to cook, I usually play around with food, but since you are asking it would be, “Eat Clean, Play Dirty” by Sakara Life.

Beauty tips : Less is more.  Drink lemon water, sleep at list 9 hours, treat yourself with massage[s], body, face, your head, your feet , EVERYTHING!!  Do your ingredients research, what’s in your cosmetics and your food? Let’s face it Botox doesn’t work! What is working is good food and exercises ! You can’t fake the healthy, sexy look with filters and crazy makeup . Be true and kind to yourself.

Favorite ways to unwind : get the model and paint all day , walk thru the winery , be playful and let myself free 

What gets you in a working flow : [The] camera, definitely.  It could be the chillest day, but point a lens at me and wait for it.

What are you working on now : I finished all the projects which had to be done during the summer and now I’m totally free and ready to explore more. I have a couple of music ideas in my mind, want to rebuild my art site, getting into sculpting and getting back to writing a book. Let’s see where I will be in a couple of months.

Routines : I love having a pretty active lifestyle, somedays I go harder [which makes me more satisfied].  Some days are more creative, but I always need a little stretch and a little dance. I love waking up and leaving my day [free], doing whatever pops up in my mind, taking time to enjoy my food, drinking tea, reading, and doing something with truly makes me happy..  Because every day [is] like a little life, you don’t want to waste it.

Creative : I usually pick a day to organize a model and go into painting for hours.  With [my] favorite jazz videos, candles, and coffee.  Starting with 30 second poses, 1 minute, 2 minute, and then 3 minute is my favorite.  I love the idea of quick poses, simplicity of line, which doesn’t break down… it could easily take me all day.  I use ink and Japanese rice paper, or unprimed canvas with self mix paint.  I got into making the paint from pigments with oils… it’s a fun process and completely nontoxic.  Going through the inks later I would pick up [a] couple and play with them in oil, making bigger pieces.  It’s the moments I truly love.

Workouts : I love doing yoga, but somehow I got into stretching in the same time I found for myself Murakami. I met somebody who was an Olympic gymnast, who happen to be teaching in NYC, and of course i had to meet her.  We became great friends and even through quarantine [we’ve] been training together on Zoom.  Its called “Olympic Stretching “ by Anastasia Nazarenko.  I love the way she teaches and really gets the results.  Also a month ago i met one more girl, Anna, who is the founder of “Topstretching,” who is also amazing and so inspiring.  I’m so hooked with splits, I love it !!! Now I’m combining yoga and stretching wherever I am. It really works for me, and I can go harder or softer.

Health : Clean food, fresh air, back to nature, take time to meditate and work out daily. Fill your day with things, people and activities which make you happy, and not less. Understand your behavior and the reason why you are doing something, is it really what you want to wake up to.

Beauty : Smile more, work those muscles, stretch more, sleep more, eat less. Every time you are stressing out about something, double thinking, maybe it’s not a big deal.  Plus, there are things you can’t fix and which are not up to you, let them go and live in present.  Use less cosmetics you think you need, let your face and hair breath.  Try simple oils, it’s my favorite.  I love figs, there is one small family company called “Fig + Olive” products based in Michigan. I use their simple oils for everything!  I, personally, am obsessed with multi-use products, specially when you travel or like to minimalistic, using the same oil as [a] moisturizer, make up remover, eye cream, before sleep serum for your brows or whatever u need, your hair , moisturizer after sun… all). Simplicity is my answer

Morning : I love reading and drinking oat ice lattes.  After an hour of this, I can do anything. Ideally, I would follow it up with a stretch on the beach, or biking to the set ready for action.

Favorite motto / quote : “Never say never” and “nothing is impossible.”


Photographer Zev Starr Tambor @zevst

Stylist Christie Boschert @christie_boschert

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Katya Kulyzhka @ Elite Models

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