Transcendental Hayley Youngs

Brooklyn-based transcendental artist Hayley Youngs creates lavish geometric artworks, alluding to a realm beyond the physical world, both philosophically and spiritually. Employing a visual language of esoteric shapes and curvilinear motifs, she navigates a mystical pictorial space, governed by symmetry, color, and intuitive precision. With a mission to “find the calm within the chaos” amidst a wildly turbulent sociopolitical climate, Youngs’ ongoing series of Rorschach-esque works metaphorize humanity’s journey into the unknown and the societal transformation taking shape in our modern historical moment. Drawing stylistic influence from Art Deco, Psychedelia, and Visionary art traditions, these kaleidoscopic abstractions are a timely reflection of the universal desire for balance and positivity, serving as a safe haven for comfort, collective meditation, introspection, and re-orientation.

Name : Hayley Youngs  @hayleyey

Birthplace :  Oneonta, NY

Métier : Artist // Painting & drawing

Sources of inspiration : I draw inspiration from a multitude of places. As an abstract geometric painter my works consist mainly of shapes and colors to put it plainly. I love finding shapes in simple things and places such as old iron gates and doors that often have an art nouveau and art deco design to them. I have also recently studied the architectural landscape designs by André Le Nôtre (who designed the gardens of Versailles). These elevated, aerial perspective drawings of the garden layouts look like abstract designs in and of themselves. I love finding interesting bits in those works and simplifying them into shapes that I adopt in my own work. As far as color I am always drawn to the psychedelic concert posters of the 60s, specifically Wes Wilson and Peter Max.

Sources of motivation :  I’ve got one life to live and I’m not getting any younger! This is my chance to make my art so I gotta get to work! It helps that I have incredibly encouraging friends and family as well.

What makes you happy : Other than the obvious – friends, family, laughter, my fiancé, art and pizza…. I am always overjoyed when I get to travel. New experiences, new food and even seeing the way natural light looks different in other parts of the world – that’s so cool! I really love being in a foreign country, far from home, where I don’t know the language. There’s something freeing about being completely anonymous and a bit out of touch with what’s going on around you. I can’t wait to travel again! I also love a garden. Some of my happiest moments have been wandering gardens in other countries and in the community gardens here in the city, they’re like a little slice of heaven amongst the mostly cramped lifestyle of NYC. When I am in a garden I feel like I am in a fairytale and as an adult that feels rare. Ok and I can’t not mention that corgi’s make me really happy too.

Favorite part of living in NYC : My favorite part of being in NYC is all the art and culture surrounding me. It always blows my mind that I have the opportunity to witness so much art in person – incredible and acclaimed works from all over the world as well as contemporary works. The good, the bad, it’s all fascinating to see. I get to see the actual Monet pieces that I saw in my art books growing up in a small town! I still get excited and nostalgic about that kind of stuff. Also the vibrant neighborhoods and range of characters that live in them never gets old – I could people watch for days! Ultimately, I love being around like minded creatives; it really pushes me to work harder as an artist.

Favorite subject to draw / paint : I honestly don’t have one. When I am working on art my only real goal I have in mind is to create an interesting and mystical like space governed by symmetry, color and precision. When those are combined in my work I feel a sense of harmony and balance and to me that equals achievement and peace.

Favorite reads :  I am kind of all over the place with what I like to read, but at the moment I am reading “Matisse and Picasso,” by Françoise Gilot. Love some juicy details on this legendary friendship. Gilot also happens to be one of my favorite artists and she is an incredible writer!

Favorite tunes : Truth be told I am currently fangirling over my Fiancé’s album with his band Communipaw. When beautiful music comes from someone you love it’s really special.

Favorite foods : Pizza!!!! But man oh man I really go crazy over some roasted brussel sprouts and kale…. with lots of oil and garlic 😉 And when tomatoes are in season – nothing better than that!

Favorite ways to unwind : Wine and movie! Or wine and friends! OOhhhh wine and pizza! I am also totally obsessed with watching French New Wave Cinema when I am relaxing at home.

Beauty tips : Oh boy, I’m really no one to ask for tips on beauty, but I think if you eat well, sleep enough and make time for the people you love, you’ll feel great! And when you feel great on the inside it’ll show on the outside.


What gets you in a working flow : A good night’s sleep, knowing that I have a consistent number of hours to work, coffee and good lighting! Also when receiving positive responses to my art it can help motivate me to continue with my work, creating a consistent flow – I think most artists can admit that affirmation helps sometimes!

What are you working on now : I am working on 2 projects right now. One is a series of geometric paintings that have been described as transcendental and a bit psychedelic. I have also been working on a bunch of commissions that are abstract representations of specific people. They consist of geometric shapes and lavish colors, which when combined capture the essence of the person. I am composing aspects of their “vibe” into abstract art basically.

Favorite motto / quote : “… color awakens a physical sensation, which undoubtedly works upon the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky

“Using bright chalky pinks, soft limey greens, and strange neon hot pinks and fuchsias, her world is both old world garden and hotel marquee. Sometimes she strikes as engaging in a talismanic type of mourning as with her painting Joaquin Phoenix, a cross between a design for a stained glass and a futurist tapestry. Other notes in her work feel like fantastic trips or haunted revisionist landscapes from the future.” — Curator Kirsten Lamb
Nathalie Levey, Color Brigade Media