Nash Glynn Forever


I was first introduced to Nash Glynn’s work at the queer artists’ hub OCD Chinatown, where she was exhibiting the painting “Self-Portrait With One Foot Forward and One Reaching Out.” It is the same artwork I encountered later when visiting her studio in the creative Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. There, I embarked on an in-depth journey through both the work and the personality of this fast-rising transsexual artist. This particular work, I learned, is a “triptych within itself” with the Brooklyn skyline in the background, a field in upstate New York in the foreground and a self-portrait in the center. If you look closer, you will see just a hint of a rainbow in the distance – the colors of LGBTQ Pride flag – subtle, yet present. Like Glynn herself, the piece evokes a sense of curiosity, surrender and sensuality. This work, I am told, is in the process of being acquired by a boldface name museum.

As I walk through this autobiographical piece with her, we chat about her upcoming group show at the prestigious Metro Pictures, and launch into what she’s embarking on next, as her star continues to rise in the art world. Originally from Miami, Nash and I spoke about the love for the people and the culture of New York City, with its dynamism and diversity. As I continued to take in the totality of her work, the focus shifts to how she captures emotion within the eyes. Her work is a meditative transmission into a cellular level, but without the use of psychedelics. 

Here, Glynn waxes on what makes her tik : 

Sources of inspiration : me, myself, and I.

Sources of motivation :  I have a score to settle.

What makes you happy : pancakes, they never let you down.

Beauty tips : confidence is key.

Favorite part of living in NYC : people, places, things

Favorite motto / quote : “Make love, take a bath, make love again” -Frida

instagram : @NashGlynn

photography : Jason Rodgers

interview : Alfredo Mineo