Coast to Coast Leah Shlaer


Born and raised in the beauty and wildness of Santa Fe, NM and ever inspired by her current home of Los Angeles, Leah Shlaer’s designs are a hybrid of influences; a bohemian upbringing filled with the esthetics of painters, punk bands, skaters, vibrant Native American and Spanish culture, and a love of all things beautiful. She spent years studying Classical & Modern Dance, followed by Performance Art in NYC. The uniform of leotards and dance wear has been a major inspiration for her day- to-night inspired pieces.

Leah Shlaer is self-taught, and began designing Women’s Contemporary wear  in 2003 for a number of successful brands in LosAngeles. She launched her own former label Lezard Swim in 2012. Now under her namesake title, each piece is proudly designed and made by hand at top factories in Los Angeles.

The aesthetic of Leah Shlaer is a rebellious crossover that always feels beautiful to wear. The newest collection is inspired by home and recent travels to Tibet, Italy and Mexico City.

In three words, Leah Shlaer is spirited, sensual, and timeless.

Name :  Leah Shlaer @leahshlaer 

Métier :  Designer, Creator, Catalyst

Sources of inspiration :  Art, Fashion, Music, Travel, Art Deco, the 70s, Bauhaus, Belle Epoque, the Mediteranean, New Mexico, Paris, NYC and so many different Cultures and Iconic individuals’ stories. 

Sources of motivation :  When I let myself be guided!  (even if it doesn’t always make sense right away)

What makes you happy :  Being with the people I love, a vibrant city, being near the ocean and nature, traveling, being cozy at home, animals, meditating and spending time by myself.

Favorite reads :  Lately anything to do with mysticism, sacred geometry, always astrology, and I’ve just got a new book on the Roaring 20s.

Favorite tunes :  Too many, I love music…  all genres!!!  It is always a mood; I love the 70s, Indie, Spanish & French music, Motown, Psychedelia, and lately I’ve been obsessed with Discover Weekly on Spotify – I’ve found such good new music that way.  

Favorite foods :  Green or red chile from New Mexico!  And really anything my sister cooks.

Beauty tips :  Listen to your body, it knows more than you think!  Love yourself first and then take care of you, the best you can!  Since your beauty is unique, it shows best when you aren’t trying to be someone else.  

Favorite ways to unwind :  Afternoon at the beach ’til sunset, spending time with who I love, and good food and drinks.

Favorite part of living in LA :   It is laid back, the flowers and palm trees year round, the lush and mysterious and vibrant energies, and definitely the amazing people I’ve met. 

What gets you in a working flow :   Always great music, feeling inspired by whatever random thing might trigger the flow, and having time to myself.  

What are you working on now :  A whole metamorphosis into something new!   It is still in the works, so I’ll keep it to myself for now 🙂 

Favorite motto :  Listen to your inner knowing, trust the universe has your back,  anything and everything is possible if it is true to you,  especially when there is love.  


Photographer Zev Starr Tambor @zevst

Stylist Christie Boschert @christie_boschert

All Clothes Leah Shlaer @leahshlaer 

Katya Kulyzhka @ Elite Models

Shot in Montauk, NY

Creative Direction Masha Orlov @Masha_Orlov
Leah Shlaer shot in LA, CA