Valkyrian Motel, Fleischmanns, NY


Fleischmanns, NY

Family, friends & neighbors hang out at the Valkyrian Motel.

 Sage Finkle wears Lindsey Thornburg white dress.

Luca Rowe wears Moschino top & skirt with faux yellow fur.


 Denali Finkles wears DSquared2 red dress.



 Akasha Finkle wears BCBG blue gingham top & skirt.

 Kansas Christy wears Moschino denim jacket & shorts.

 Luco Rowe wears Lindsey Thornburg dress.

 Kansas Christy @kansas.christy wears Secteur 6 top & skirt.

Luca Rowe  @lxu

Akasha Finkle @akasha_finkle

Sage Finkle @sagefinkle 

Denali Finkle @denali.finkle all wear Amaris Coast swimwear.

Photography : Anna Palma @annapalma

Styling : Masha Orlov @masha.orlov 

Casting : Douglas Perrett @douglas.perrett

Hair : Adam Maclay @adammaclay

Makeup : Shay Garcia @kushdashian

Production & Locations : @delco.ny

Production Assitant: Alex Stanton @burger_wizar