Arielle De Pinto’s Vow Break




“I rescind any and all vows I have taken, anyone in this body has taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken. I rescind any and all vows pertaining to _______ I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation and all
incarnations across space and time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, and alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions, and the Void. Please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows. Now.”

Archangel Ariel, Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren, revised by Aliyah Ziondra, revised by Zarazaiel Yovel

©1990 Angelic Outreach, ©2000 Wings of Glory, ©2011 Wings Around the Planet

L’INCONNUE Presents “Vow Break”

The first solo exhibition of Arielle de Pinto at the gallery.

For 16 years Arielle de Pinto has created hundreds of jewelry designs. All development, results in “waste” , or a form of material that cannot be used with purpose in the moment of its discarding. Vow Break, transmutes the weight of these miscellaneous pieces into a new life thereby exposing its overlooked aspects. Each element included in the exhibition is meant to be in of support and to assist in a shift towards embracing the inherent power within the viewer.

The elements of the exhibition are as follows.

Hand Crocheted Chain Garments are all one-of-a-kind.

The material constantly evolves as it is subjected to movement, gravity, and the natural aging process. EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Shielding Capsule of clothing sewn from grey and silver-toned fabric blocking the body from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wifi and dirty electricity. Silver fibers, woven into the material prevent a wide range of electromagnetic waves from affecting our tissue. Currently, as a collective we are experiencing increasing exposure to EMFs on the planet with no limit in sight and no long term data on its effects. Without accurate disclosure there cannot be true consent.The grey hand-knitted pieces are made from stainless steel yarn.

Vow Break Formula Tees contain the full vow break for daily use on a T-shirt designed by Jennifer Shear, printed by Flying Saucer press. Orgonite accessories are inspired by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, scientist whose work was informed by Nikola Tesla, (Tesla proved that energy and electricity can be harnessed from the earth’s atmosphere). Reich developed the Orgone Theory in the 1930’s. Orgone is life force or chi energy, unseen electromagnetic information field.

Orgonite is made by combining conductive materials in resin to transmute DOR (dead orgone energy) into POR (positive orgone energy). The orgonite in the exhibition was made with chain scraps and studio scraps. Some of the orgonite in the show is decorative while others are functional. The handbags shown have embedded shungite pyramids to reduce harm from the radiation from smart devices. A study at the Institute of New Medical Technologies in Tula, Russia showed that shungite placed on mice subjected to non-thermal radiation decreased the severity of tissue damage.

Free form hand crocheted chain tapestries mounted on the gallery walls. Their pictorial scenes face the functional ceramicworks: a helm for the vows to take place. Working in this medium is a first for de Pinto and is an extension of her hand work.

The vow break is fully detailed in a manual on a table at the gallery’s entrance. The vow break formula is to be
said out loud as an affirmation and can be used as a daily practice. To inaugurate the exhibition on September 29th, models dressed in de Pinto’s collection proclaimed the vows  they chose to break as a performance, concluding the ceremony by giving offerings to a fire in the backyard.

The exhibition will be on view from October 2 -December 18, 2021.

Gallery hours are Wed – Sat 12pm – 6pm.

Located at L’INCONNUE on 211 Madison St, New York, NY 10002  

For more details visit @l.i.n.c.o.n.n.u.e or

Name : ARIELLE DE PINTO @arielledepinto

Birthplace : Toronto

Métier : Most known for crocheted chain jewelry, but I do many things etheric and physical.

Sources of inspiration : Textiles and crafts of all kinds from all eras.

Sources of motivation : Anytime I’m feeling stuck, need a boost, or need some clarification I drop down and do breathwork, for 5 minutes to 2 hours. I am someone who gets lots of ideas, I spread out, then I get overwhelmed and I lose direction, so I constantly have to go check into my subconscious and out of my mental chatter to reset. Over and over again.

Video by Maxwell Henderson

What makes you happy : I’m happiest when I am in a creative space, when my body is healthy and when I’m around the right people.  I used to have horrible chronic pain and it drove me to seek any solution no matter how “far fetched” it sounded. It took being in a lot of environments most people don’t understand but eventually I got the tools I needed and I was able to make big changes. For me it was Breathwork and Theta Healing, and a strong Kundalini Yoga practice. Now I don’t have to work as hard, most days I wake up happy for no reason in particular. I am confident in my ability to transmute anything.

Favorite reads : Right now I’m following the works of investigative journalists such as Whitney Webb and James Corbett. I am also loving Chögyam Trungpa’s

Favorite tunes : All my ‘pranic surge’ playlists on my spotify.

Favorite foods : I love all food, but my favourite at the moment is steamed veggies from the farmer’s market following a recipe from Cal Peternell.  I also make stock all the time.

Beauty tips : I clean my face with honey. Dry brushing. Meditation and breathwork!!

Favorite ways to unwind: Nothing beats a dip in the ocean.

Favorite part of living in NYC / Brooklyn : I love how many lives I have lived here, and how every time I gain a new interest there will always be ways to access that.

What gets you in a working flow : A deadline.

What are you working on now : I dipped into a few new projects with the show at L’Inconnue and at the moment I’m just experimenting with seeing in what direction life leads me. I have methods of testing the efficacy of energetics, for example if the shungite purses I made actually have a positive shielding effect.  If I can get them to, I will produce them. I want everything that I put out to serve its owner in a way that is vibrationally supportive as well as beautiful.

Favorite motto / quote : “May the awakening to the power within obliterate the drive for power over others.”

BTS Photography: Julia H Burlingham @thejuliab

Editorial Photography:  Michael James Fox @Michael_j_fox

Hair: Carolina Marsten @colormemars_NYC
Make Up: Shoko Sawatari @shokomakeup
Styling: Stephanie Perez @vvutura
Models: Adriana Cristal, Blanche Cauvin, Leila Greiche, Nancy
Uddin, Whitney Claflin, Yasmin Kaytmaz, Zahra A with Unite Unite
Knits and Patterns: Aishwarya Gajare
Graphic Design: Jen Shear
Special Thanks: Blanche Cauvin, Erica Sarlo, Erika Johanssen,
Sharmila Garapati, Marcella Zimmerman, Sofia Sinibaldi,
Dorian Mckaye, Craig Dermody, Leila Greiche and Alyssa, and
Michael Fox.