Elliot Reed On Top of It All




Elliot Reed is an artist and director based between New York City and Montpelier, France. He assembles bodies, movement, and narrative within exhibition space, wielding performance as a tool. Their projects span video, dance, performance, and sculpture highlighting the ways seen (and unseen) actors make their mark.

Name : Elliot Reed

Métier : Contemporary art, performance, sculpture, and music

Sources of Inspiration : I love moving my body. Sometimes it feels like my studio practice is hidden somewhere within my joints. I don’t remember being a hyperactive child, but now when I’m alone, on the train, wherever, I’m always tapping something, flipping through a book, scrolling between songs on my phone, scratching down little notes. Movement helps inspire me though energy. The same energy that expands and refines itself whenever I sit down to finish an artwork.

Sources of Motivation :  There are a lot of creative people in my family – musicians, artists, mathematicians, lawyers, teachers, game designers. I used to think people working in offices were automatically boring, but now I see how much of an art communication is. It’s difficult to organize people, collaborating and making decisions on behalf of a group while working towards a shared goal. Learning from my family members who aren’t in officially “artistic” fields has taught me so much about working, and how important it is to value every relationship, personal and professional.

What Makes You Happy : Pushing myself to the edge (sometimes), long distance running, live music, beach trips in winter, and cooking a good meal.

Favorite Reads : The nonfiction writing of Samuel R. Delany, The Motion of Light on Water, Times Square Red Times Square Blue, and Heavenly Breakfast are three of my favorite books EVER. Short stories by Thomas Mann. Also, Beloved by Toni Morrison is one of the most terrifying books and a perennial favorite.

Favorite Tunes : Mark Fell, ADULT., KeiyaA, GAS, Eartheater, Prurient/Vatican Shadow, LSDXOXO, Bahamadia, Heiroglyphic Being, Geroge Lewis, Anthony Braxton, my queen – Diamanda FUCKING Galas, Xiu Xiu, Green Velvet, Ceephax, Jlin, Jana Rush, RP Boo, ONO, Oval, Cabaret Volatire, and many others.

Favorite Foods : Hot water

Beauty Tips : Lots of water

Favorite Ways to Unwind : Drinks and meals shared with friends, bike rides, journaling, and going outside whenever possible.

Favorite Part of Living in France : My favorite part of living in Montpellier is feeling a bit anonymous and re-connecting with my art practice. I’m learning French, so for now most of my interactions are in the studio or with a select few people.

What Gets You in a Working Flow : Locking the door inside an empty studio. Making some tea, turning the music loud and singing to myself for at least 20 minutes.

What Are You Working on Now : Learning when the right time to make an announcement is.

Favorite Motto / Quote : “Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”


photography Hao Zeng

styling Masha Orlov

all clothes Comme des Garçons & Junya Watanabe