Sun goes into Cancer on Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice – June 21

By Kathe Izzo

Full transparency.
Full illumination of your path.
Inescapable awareness of all that does not fit.
A day of calling, clarity or
a day of much discomfort.

Do not judge.
Do not complain.

Use this guideline:
if you don’t feel good,
you absolutely have someone/something
in your vibration
that is not your own ~
if you are feeling out of alignment
you are.

Fortune favors the bold.
Summer Solstice is the day
to choose the way forward with total commitment,
whatever that looks like,
no expectations, no complaints, no comparison.

Any discomfort in taking initiative
or placing yourself on the edge,
in asking A LOT of yourself
is nothing compared to what it feels like
when you don’t ask this of yourself.

Photo by Mary Beth Edelson

« Incoherent emotions, such as frustration,
can have a deleterious effect on our cognitive function as well as our sense of wellbeing.

Incoherent emotions create physiological distress in your body/mind complex, while coherent emotions generate feelings of wellbeing & a general improvement in how your body/mind complex responds to situations around you.

Thus, at your physiological & psychological levels the ability to generate coherent emotions, at will, is a very good skill set to have. »

~ Tom Kenyon



Happy Birthday Cancer! Home, family & feelings are the themes of this sun placement. Nurturing and being nurtured. Cancer is ruled by the moon which represents emotions and the inner self, it’s so feminine in it’s nature. We will feel called to listen to our feelings but we will need to act in a constructive matter where that comes into play.

This is a great time for family and friends, for dinners at home or bbq’s. It’s a wonderful time for creativity and crafting, perhaps even changing up aesthetic things at home or in your wardrobe. We don’t traditionally think of nesting in the summer but Cancer tries to pull us back into this necessity even in the exuberance of nice weather and outdoor activities.

Accessing our emotions is the the key to our intuition. How do we feel our feelings in healthy and constructive ways? or conversely – How do we distract and avoid from our feelings and thus also our intuitive guidance? 

This is a wonderful time to connect with women, our mothers, or our inner mothering. Take time to cultivate the imagination and our creativity especially with the Neptune retrograde. We will be called to be more honest with how we are feeling and really BE with our feelings with acceptance and surrender, as a mother does with her child.

Shadow side: Lack of practicality to earthy matters. Clinginess or people pleasing. Holding on too tightly to the past. Over attachment to emotions. Over protective to things or people. Moody, depression or overwhelm. Pessimism (not connecting to the positive side of life). Getting bogged down with setbacks or perceived failures.


Image via Evolve + Ascend

What is the Summer Solstice?

By Jennifer Sodini

The Summer Solstice is known as the longest day of the year, because it is the day with the most sunlight. During Solstice, the sun does not rise precisely in the east, but rises to the north of east and sets to the north of west, meaning it’s visible in the sky for a longer period of time. As Summer Solstice ushers in days that are longer than nights, we are allowed to experience more light in our lives by the grace of the sunshine.

Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have celebrated the Solstice with ritual and magical rites. By honoring the Sun as our source of light, and life – we appreciate the light of consciousness within ourselves, and within each and every person on Earth.




Featured Image: Original artwork by Marianna Kulukundis