Tierra del Fuego ‘Halfway to Paradise’

Tierra del Fuego release a cover of ‘Halfway to Paradise’ while they are completing their debut album. Link : soundcloud.com/tierradelfuegonyc/halfway-to-paradise/


Name : Tierra del Fuego

Elizabeth Hart

Ivan Lee

Birthplace : 

E: Fort Worth, Texas

I: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Métier :

E: Bass player, Dancer/Performer

I: Singer, Guitarist


Sources of inspiration :

E: My current physical state, I’m 7 months pregnant and it has been the most fascinating thing I have ever experienced.

I: Jah, nature, transitions, water

Sources of motivation :  

E: Listening to music that makes me weep

I: other people’s work, nature, grief

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What makes you happy :

E: The ocean

I: The sun

Favorite reads :

E: I’ve been enjoying the Beastie Boys Book lately, each chapter is a different anecdote throughout their career. 

What makes you happy :

E: The ocean

I: The sun


Favorite tunes :

E: My favorite new artist is Orville Peck.  I heard one song of his about a year and half ago and was blown away.  I messaged his manager, who is a friend, “Omg, who the hell is this??”  I have seen him play live twice now (we opened for him last April) and he and his band just keep getting better and better.  It’s the most excited I have been about new music in a long time. 

I: Lee Scratch Perry, “bird in hand”. The intro is so mysterious and has the longest drum fill ever, a must in my early days of DJing.  

Favorite foods :

E: Breakfast tacos, Miso soup

I: Pizza, Falafel


Beauty tips :

E: Listen to your body and move

I: Visit nature or live in her

Favorite ways to unwind :

E: Swimming

I: Swimming 

What gets you in a working flow :

I: Ganja and exercise

E: Setting aside a block of time to only concentrate on that one thing and shutting off outside influences like the computer or phone.


What are you working on now :

E: Mixing Tierra del Fuego album and editing a series of dance videos I made over the past year in California, Texas and New York.

I: Am finishing a plant music album, recorded 100% by plants all around the US. 

Favorite motto / quote :

E: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

I: “Cocodrilo que duerme, es cartera.” (“The crocodile that falls asleep, is a handbag”. )

Photography : Naomi Fisher