“EXHALE” Emerald Rose Whipple


Ending this week, Emerald Rose Whipple “EXHALE” is comprised of two stylistic representations, portrait paintings and still life landscape paintings. The exhibition acts as a fundraiser to benefit EXHALE World Cares in conjunction with The ORANGE BABIES foundation. The exhibition is open to the public by appointment until November 2nd, 2019. The World of McIntosh Townhouse will host a Benefit Event on Friday, November 1st, 2019 in Soho as a closing of the exhibition (214 Lafayette street, New York, NY 10012). emerald_whipple_evan_meye+r2014

Although modern in interpretation of subject, Whipple’ s pursuit of painting is in the tradition of the masters of the early 20th Century Impressionism and Pointillism – Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet – The brushstrokes are linear and controlled to a degree of pointillism, both in portraiture and abstract landscape. Whipple transforms fleeting moments of contemporary reality into timeless painterly magnificence. In her decadent and ravishing portrayal, fashion and youth culture are celebrated and obscured. Referencing the Impressionism and the Old
Masters, Whipple painstakingly captures in paint the ephemeral photographic images. Moments are monumetalized.emerald_whipple_kilauea+kauai+2014-2

“My motivation comes from the desire to create a space of unconditional love for the viewer to exist in, to touch the present moment and experience peace & light. The act of touching life deeply in presence has become a life practice for me since my youth.”samantha+gradoville+1+2014

Whipple’s work focuses primarily on the theme of the soul represented both by nature and by man, confronting traditional views of ancient philosophy, mythology, symbolism, alchemy, and what we know to be the idea of reality. There are subtle undertones of metaphysics, mysticism, shamanism, life, death, the afterlife, the essence of being and the energy or life force that generates and sustains our existence in the universe. These ideas question both the identity of the subject and the viewer.emerald_whipple_ventura+2014

Whipple produces each series as a complete body of work; portraits are often coupled with nature. Whipple’s landscapes are often vast, featuring lush tropics and desert landscapes, the ocean or celestial skyscapes abstraction. Original images are hand drawn using a grid technique from candid photography of the artist’s friends. Her work features a juxtaposition of short, thick brushstrokes to small, distinct dots of paint which relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the color spots into a fuller range of tones. The result, when viewed up close, is an abstraction of natural form, a condensed depiction of the painting referencing either portrait or landscape. However, when the viewer steps back, the strokes and dots depict a photorealistic image.john+and+hanne+poland+springs+emerald+whipple_2013jpg
The EXHALE Project is an initiative devoted to support, celebrate and raise awareness of Orange Babies- a charity tackling the HIV/Aids epidemic in African nations through a holistic approach that provides mothers, children and orphans affected by the disease access to much needed medication, nutritional food, education and psychological support.samantha+gradoville+2+2014
On a mission to establish a HIV-free future in Zambia, The EXHALE Project, in partnership with Orange Babies is out to empower, educate and unite the community and next generation in Zambia through the team spirit of sport.  Studies show sport has the power to inspire and transform the lives and mindset of youths by promoting positive physical, mental and emotional fitness and wellbeing, healthy lifestyle
choices, boosting camaraderie, compassion and conflict resolution to build respectful relationships between males and females.john+and+hanne++bed+emerald_whipple_bed+2013
Set to be unveiled in summer 2020, EXHALE will establish a multi-functional soccer field, a five-team strong co-ed youth soccer league and a training program for coaches and mentors in Zambia in an important step towards unification in the fight against HIV and Aids.whhipple-10

Whipple was born in California in 1989. She spent her adolescent childhood between Ojai, California and Kauai, Hawaii. She studied Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where she received a BFA in Fashion Design in 2012.
Whipple lives and works in New York City. www.emeraldwhipple.com

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