Powerfully Groovy Lumia Nocito

Lumia Nocito is an artist based in New York.  She is currently working on her BFA at Cooper Union, while simultaneously being represented as a model at No Agency. Her main medium is photography, having been mentored by Petra Collins throughout her teenage years. Her photo work has been featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Basel Miami and at The International Center of Photography.

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Jeremy Scott dress.

Name : Lumia Nocito @lumia.nocito

Birthplace : New York City

Métier : Artist/Photographer. I also model sometimes.

Sources of inspiration : All of the inspiration for my work is pulled from my life. Visual references can be helpful when making mood boards, but the best ideas are rooted in that which is internal.

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Sources of motivation : Being productive feels better than being lazy.

What makes you happy : Aside from taking photos or hanging with friends, good surprises rule.

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Opening Ceremony t-shirt.

Favorite reads : The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Native Son by Richard Wright. Aperture Conversations: 1985 to the Present

Favorite tunes : This question is impossible, especially because I get really adventurous with music. I like the Germs, Nirvana, John Maus, Lil Keed, Donna Summer, Nicholas Jaar, Ciszak, every April March song ever created. I also like 50’s pop music.

Favorite foods : Pizza.

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Beauty tips :  I don’t do or use anything fancy for my look – I can’t even paint my own nails. I’m so clueless about this shit; my skincare routine is whatever soap is in the shower and whatever moisturizer is lying around. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s fun to get dolled up, primping is fun. Chanel just sent me a bunch of eyeshadow so I’ve been trying to figure that out. I will say, I just added lip liner to my makeup routine – one that matches my natural lip shade. Game changer.

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Opening Ceremony t-shirt.

Favorite ways to unwind : Fruit shopping in Chinatown rules, it’s a good way to slow myself down on a busy day. I like going to the bookstore, hanging with my sister, listening to music, going for walks and shooting. The 99 cent store is also fun. 

What gets you in a working flow : Waking up early is a must. Then, caffeine, music, and a to-do list all at once.

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What are you working on now :  I’m making a photography book with portraits of 20-something year old women in New York City, posed in direct sunlight. 

Favorite motto / quote : “I’m so groovy, I’ve got power.” – Future

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Photography by Jason Rodgers  @jasonrodgersphoto

Styling by Masha Orlov @masha_orlov

Make-up Tracy Alfajora @tracyalfajora

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