Sightseeing by Hsiang-Hsi Lu

After studying industrial design at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, New York-based photographer Hsiang-Hsi Lu moved to New York to study Fashion Photography at School of Visual Arts MPS program and now works in the Arts. The work he makes centers on the interplay between Eastern and Western tastes within fashionability. The images employ a humorous approach, incorporating signs and characters from both ethnic and popular culture.


Katherine at the Guggenheim, New York.

Sightseeing is a photo project of Hsiang-Hsi Lu’s Asian “gang” done in NYC within the last year. He and his subjects participate in the journey of sightseeing during the shoots, and acting out different personas.


Patrick at the Vessel, New York.

“I placed individual Asian characters at different locations in New York City and this is how it turned out.”


Stephanie at the Statue of Liberty Replica, Brooklyn.

Name: Hsiang-Hsi Lu @hsiang_hsi

Birthplace : Taiwan

Métier: Photographer. I also work in galleries but don’t consider that as my profession.


Meili at Confucius Plaza, New York.

Sources of inspiration: News, TV shows, YouTube, friends on Instagram. Basically everything related to current trends.

Sources of motivation:  I like to observe, create things and comment on a topic. That’s why I choose photography as a way to express my thoughts.

What makes you happy: A lot of things actually. I would say right now shopping and being in the shopping environment because of Black Friday— that’s the most straightforward thought in my mind.


Kenny at the Unisphere, Queens.

Favorite reads: Recently “Public, Private, Secret” by Charlotte Cotton. It explores the modern roles of photography, especially in the generation of Facebook, Instagram, webcams and stuff like that. Also “Modern Architecture” because of my design background.

Favorite tunes: I just checked my Spotify. I play “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads and “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera a lot.

Favorite foods: Ramen.


Mong-Chi at the Charging Bull, New York.

Favorite ways to unwind: Sit on my bed, drink hot coffee and do random things on the weekend.

Beauty tips: Sleep well.


Runze at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.

What gets you in a working flow: Just do it.

What are you working on now: Writing the interview and doing house chores at the same time.

Favorite motto/quote: Probably “Just do it.”


Beiko at Time Square, New York.

Thanks to Runze Yu, Meili Zheng, Patrick Liu, Stephanie Pan, Isabella Encrico, Kenny Soesilo, Mong- Chi Chio, Katherine Zhang, Beiko, Clara Jiang, Gwen Sangchai, Maggie Mondanile, Akira Nagano, Alec Vo and Steven Milnes for participating and supporting this project.

& Thanks to Shonagh Marshall, Lyle Rexer and Mark Fina for your kindly advice.