Lockdown Fashion

Marcelo Krasilcic photographs his boyfriend in NYC during lockdown, inspired by Prefall looks that we will be wearing once quarantine is over.

Gucci : Going out for errandsTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_1

Moschino : Off to the supermarketTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_2

Louis Vuitton : Lounging aroundTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_3

Elder Statesman : Stretch & MeditationTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_6

Louis Vuitton : Catching some raysTKC5_Marcelo Krasilcic_5

Baja East : Ready for a walkTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_9

Bottega Veneta : ChillingTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_10

Dior : Plant decoratingTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_8

Giorgio Armani : Ready for actionTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_4

Burberry : BedtimeTKC_Marcelo Krasilcic_7


photography & collage : Marcelo Krasilcic at Serlin Associates

style : Masha Orlov

model : Kyle Harris