Vicky Steckel’s New Works

Born in Dominican Republic, Vicky Steckel is a multi-disciplinary self taught artist. She
started her art career as a makeup artist learning and collaborating with top icons in
the fashion industry.


Steckel’s transition to painting was initiated by her need to create, she began staging her photography with hand painted backdrops, furniture, and other props. The models were also fully painted and their palette transitioned as if they were a living color gradient.


These shoots, as they were documented, became a performance channel that served as a study for Steckel’s oeuvre. Steckel has continued to paint experimenting with surfaces including found objects, bubble wrap, and clothing. The artist is represented by Trotta-Bono Contemporary and her work has been shown in several international art fairs. Steckel lives and works in New York.


NameVicky Steckel @vicky_steckel
BirthplaceDominican Republic
Métier : Multi Media Artist
Sources of inspiration :
Besides galleries, museums and art books, I am inspired by nature. I love a good sunrise or sunset.
Sources of motivation :  Life gets me in the zone.
What makes you happy :
When I’m in alignment with the universe.
Favorite reads : I am on a personal growth book kick.
Reading “Super Attractor” at the moment.
Favorite tunes : I am definitely a music lover from classical, R&B, downtempo to Latin tunes. The list is endless.
Favorite foods : A home cooked meal.
Beauty tips : I add olive oil to my makeup remover, it takes off waterproof mascara much easier.
Favorite ways to unwind : My favorite way to unwind is soaking in a warm bath. Listening to soothing music is my other go to.
What gets you in a working flow : A good subject and music.
What are you working on now : I am preparing for a solo exhibition in either New York or LA in October.
Favorite motto / quote : Make every moment matter.


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Art Manager @tbcontemporary

Represented @bryanbantryagency