“Panic Attack” Art at a Time Like This


“ Panic Attack” Art at a Time Like This is a series of curated images by Pierre Marie Macaigne expressing the beauties of life that keep us going.


Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes has different layers of reading. As a child, I focused on the relationship Calvin had with his Tiger…much later I realized there is a different discourse from an adult perspective looking back at childhood. In some ways, growing up is a good thing.

Kaisik Wong - Minnie Muse

Kaisik Wong “Vest” 1973; Miscellaneous stuffed fabrics

The work of Kaisik Wong is often a source of inspiration in Nicolas Ghesquière’s work. Kaisik was a fashion designer from the 70’ based in the Californian Bay Area… it’s pure, it’s honest, and (LSD) magical. If it wasn’t for Ghesquière’s SS02 collection I would have never found out of Kaisik’s existence. Sad his name and work is not credited as often as it should.

Little Connecticut Sleeping House by Ed Ruscha on Paddle8_

Little Connecticut Sleeping House by Ed Ruscha, 1978 lithograph in blue

I have this drawing on my back as a tattoo — that is how much I love this image. The idea of it brings me peace. When I meditate, I often think of a place like the ones Ed Ruscha draws.  It reminds me of good memories and hope for the future. It is my absolute dream to have a little cottage somewhere to reconnect.


LOUIS VUITTON X REI KAWAKUBO Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

 It’s raw, authentic, almost scary looking.  It has all the codes of what Kawakubo’s design stands for but without any cynicism.  I love the conflict between the advertising image and the bag. The ultra-glamour rigid fashion advertising codes of a mega brand must follow with the radical design of this unconventional bag. I’m not sure if Marc Jacobs was involved here. I’m a huge admirer of his when he was Creative Director of Louis Vuitton because of all the collaborations they did and how he pushed the limits of taste in every single collection, thus a true master of drama that gave us iconic moments.


“Hiking Half Dome” Photo by Dean Conger from National Geographic

I love hiking. This discipline gives me peace, helps to reboot the system and a great way to clear my mind !  You have to think about what is essential and practical for your backpack, which is something that I try to apply to everyday life. It’s smart to get rid of heavy stuff once in a while.


Portrait of Quentin Crisp by David Hockney, 1960 pencil on paper

How incredible it is to live in the same era as David Hockney! I love this image for LGBTQ heritage, being thankful for the men and women who didn’t have an easy life and dedicated their art to make our community visible and known. We need to pay respect to our elders.



The concept of taste! What’s weird then, is cool now… what’s cool now will be awful later. I love these shoes for interrogating our taste and aesthetic. On Instagram I do this “oui / non” survey where I post vintage fashion pieces, questioning the idea of taste, what we used to like and what is still relevant today.


Christo and Jeanne Claude, Pont Neuf, Paris,  Sept 22 – Oct 7th 1985, Photo by Edith Gerin in the Musée Carnavalet collection

I was 4 years old, not that I remember much at 4, but I remember my mom telling me this was art and it was important. She did the same when they opened the Louvre Pyramid, in 1989. Ever since I followed my mom to every single museum and exhibition to educate our eyes.


Robin Williams Photo from Getty Images

Robin Williams is a personal hero, terrific actor, and the first one who made me cry watching his movie. Before that I never thought movies could move me. I loved his red carpet outfits, here in Jean Paul Gaultier in 1995, and his personal struggles, the fact that one can hide behind a smile. In the same vibe I love to listen to the “Track of my Tears by Aretha Franklin. Be kind always!

Living Well_The NYT Book of Home Design and Decoration_1981

“Living Well” The NYT Book of Home Design and Decoration, 1981

This is from Halston’s penthouse in Manhattan. I have a love / hate relationship with this image. It’s so beautiful and precise… I love the idea of having a dedicated room to entertain your guest, so you are not distracted by anything else. Also, I think about how much time you need to clean those mirror walls and how so many reflections this room does not leave any room for intimacy.

He thinks your bag is ugly too_

Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 1998 – 99 collection Photo by Steven Meisel

This is land art and fashion, and I love the idea of the human chain and that we are all connected somehow.


Pierre Marie Macaigne, born and raised in Paris, never loved school. He educated himself with a passport and fashion magazines, becoming a fashion PR and thinking he could participate in the “dream” and realized the dream had reached its limit or did he reach his own? Proud husband and father of 2 whippets, living in quarantine on the 34th floor in the Asian district of Paris — “The sky is great, so now what?!” @Pierre_Marie_Macaigne