Miami Crush by David Vasiljevic


With the world slowly coming out of lockdown and people in the United States protesting on the beaches with civil disobedience, I was reminded of David Vasiljevic‘s documentary photos of Miami Beach with peoples’ love of the beach.

An interview with his touching and fun loving photography :


“I was born in Australia/ Sydney, both my parents are from former Yugoslavia and I kind of grew up in Belgium.”


 “Way back, I was training for years to become a Tae Kwon Do instructor in Valencia, Spain, but due to a knee injury, I had to find a new way to reshape my future.”


“Since I had a background in visual art, I converted those skills into a self taught photography path.”


“Mid 90’s I moved to London on a discovery journey with my camera.  Since then I lived and worked as a photographer in Paris and New York.”


“Made a pause for a couple years from the fashion industry to study and practice Buddhism.”


“Now I back with a more grounded mind.”


“I am regularly traveling between Paris and Brussels…or anywhere life takes me.”


“Love the wandering life style; suits me.”


“You can only live in the present, so it does not really matter where I am.”


What brought you to Miami?

After finishing a one month mediation retreat in Virginia at a Buddhist center, I decided to go Miami and make images with a more refreshed mind.


When did you live there?

From October to the December 2017


What inspires you about Miami?

I grew up in Belgium in a more European set up, so everything looked fresh to me in Miami. Generally speaking, I loved the unpredictability of situations. 


What was your favorite part of being there?

Sunshine and amazing warm weather most of the time.  


What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

It was more intuitive, whatever I would pay attention to, I had no agenda, just free wondering on the streets and beaches.   


Sources of inspiration?

Romeo & Juliet by Baz Luhrmann ( the movie was partially shot in Miami).


Sources of motivation?

Cultivating the State of the Beginner’s Eye


What makes you happy?

 Being in the moment,  noticing how everything is beautiful  all around you, regardless of situations.


Favorite read?

In Love with the World by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche  


Favorite tunes?

“The Sun’s Gone Dim & The Sky’s Turned Black” by Johann Johannsson 


Favorite foods?

Anything that’s Organic, Plant based, Cruelty free food.


Beauty tips?

Stay hydrated.


Favorite ways to unwind ?

Seat Still


What gets you in a working flow ?

Wondering aimlessly, adventure & curiosity.


What are you working on now :



Favorite motto or quote?

Poco a poco.