Time Traveling T-Shirts








Black boots (Marsell)

Ava Gridley @av.a “Your silence will not protect you”

Janis Wilkins @janiswilkins “Rise above the noise”


Yasmine Moon @yasminmoonmoon “One becomes wise only in measures, as they go through their own insanity.”



Diana V @mynamesdiana “Everyday is a day of heaven on earth.”


 Tricia Akello @triciaakellon “No one is you and that’s your super power.”



 Laura Park “More human than human.”




 Kristina Byerley @kristinabyerley “Work hard, play hard.”



 Danielle Mareka @daniellemareka “Failing to prepare, is to prepare to fail.”



Photographer: Kate Powers @katepowerslovesyou

Photographer Assistant: Kevin Vu @kevintvu

Videographer: Stephan Alessi @stephanalessistudio

Digital Tech: Eduardo Fiel @eduardoafiel

Fashion Director: Masha Orlov @masha_orlov

Fashion Director Assistant: Kira Genovese @kiragenovese

Hair: Clay Nielsen @thisisclay

Makeup: Shaina Ehrlich @shaina.ehrlich