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“Casper” from ‘Street Stories’


Castro Frank is a Los Angeles based visual artist who has translated his personal experiences of growing up in the San Fernando Valley into a signature journalistic and candid approach to photography. Through captured moments that reveal the overlooked details of everyday life, to double exposures that force a viewer to question their perceptions, and now diving into the realm of abstraction to evoke deep seeded emotions, Castro’s work defies the limitations of the photographic medium. Even his portraiture takes on a new life by not only capturing the raw essence of his subjects but the vitality of the city they inhabit. As a growing multidisciplinary artist, incorporating painting and other mediums into his work, Castro continually discovers new ways to envelope the viewer in the experiences encapsulated within his work.

Castro’s work continues to evolve into new mediums, methods, and subjects. Through the development of his practice, he is excited to find new ways to capture the everyday. As he journeys on to create astounding imagery he hopes that his work will inspire youth to pursue their dreams.

“Sylmar Mountains”

Name : Castro Frank @meetcastrofrank

Birthplace : East Los Angeles, Ca.

Place of residence : Los Angeles, Ca.

Métier : Visual Artist  


“After Life” 


Sources of inspiration : 

I’ve been most inspired by my upbringing and the stories I’ve heard from my family as a child. Hearing about their life experiences and sacrifices, like my mother’s journey to the United States in search of a better life, is one that has always inspired me. Another thing I am heavily inspired by is the San Fernando Valley. The purple mountains and beautiful sunsets here are like nothing you’ve ever seen. 

Sources of motivation :

Art is a lifestyle for me. I know it’s cliche to say that if you do something you love it’ll never feel like work, but that’s exactly how I feel about art in my life. I’m naturally a very creative person, so if I’m not working on a project, I feel unfulfilled.


“Arco Iris”

What makes you happy :  

Seeing the people around me thrive. I come from a place where happiness was an afterthought. It was about struggling to make ends meet. So, hearing that the people around me are doing well, are reaching their goals, and are finding success, fills me with happiness.

Favorite tunes : 

Depends on what activity I’m doing but I’m usually listening to some 90s-2000s R&B and Reggaeton like Rauw Alejandro and Bad Bunny.



Favorite foods :

Mexican and Puerto Rican food. 

Beauty tips :

Beauty truly starts from within. Have a balance in your life. Too much of anything can’t be healthy, right? 

Favorite ways to unwind : 

Watching UFC with a glass of whiskey.


“Virgin Mary”

Favorite part of living in place of residence : 

Having lived in multiple states and cities, nothing hits like the San Fernando Valley. It truly has a unique vibe to it. And some of the older architecture within the valley feels nostalgic.

What gets you in a working flow :

It could literally be the most random thing that I come across that sparks an entirely new project idea. My day to day never looks the same.


“Over the Valley”


What are you working on now :

I am working on a limited photography release with Daniel Patrick, on Melrose, to be released sometime this summer as well as finalizing my first NFT collection. I’m very excited about both of these projects and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy what I’ll be sharing.


“Fireworks on Hillside”

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